Picture of Installing Linux, The Easy And Safe Way
You may have installed linux the typical way before, Boot from cd, partition, install. Problem, Headach, data loss. Wubi is an automated installer for the "Computer Stupid". Big words confusing, just follow the instructions.

You Need:
Windows 2000/XP PC
About 30 Minutes

Step 1: Settings

Picture of Settings
Self Explanatory

Updated 4/6/08
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randreone5 months ago

i downloaded and am installing this right now on an ibm thinkpad and it only sees 8 gb of the 33 gig c: drive...what am i doing wrong?and its taking forever .. so far almost an hour and it says it has over 2 hrs to go for install

wizzim6 years ago
I used this and it is awesome. Though i have one question. is there a wubi for other distros that do this?
cld0000 wizzim1 year ago

Not many that I would know of. As far as I know, there are some installers of the sort, but usually they're for the Ubuntu-based distros.

And if you want to install another distro, just download a ISO image you want and place it in the same location as Wubi.exe and it will install it Wubi-style (as far as I heard).

REA5 years ago
"''Welcome to your virus free linux!!!!''"

not necessarily true. there is no true virus-free OS. there are one or two for Linux. the reason Linux is labeled "virus-free" is because most hackers and malicious programmers use Linux. why would you want to risk attacking your own computer. also its because Linux has about 3% of the world running. 
Linux also has so many distros that it is hard to make very good virus's for it. With windows its one of 3 possibilities pretty much.
Most all the linux distros are the same under the hood at the kernel level. it is just the desktops that are different. Again another misunderstanding.
Yeah but there are enough differences that it can occasionally cause problems.
Only for an amateur. linux user since 1995.
Well i would hope you're not writing linux virus's
It is not the writing that is bad, it is the spreading of them that is dangerous.
I would hope you're doing neither. :P
and also with windows is M$ was nice enough to make cross-compatibility so a virus for XP is a virus for 7, Vista, and maybe even NT.
yeah. And mac doesn't have virus's because its to hard to write anything for macs because of all the hoops you have to jump through. It doesn't have any virus's because it doesn't have any software.
Several viruses have been found on mac. Those stories are usually squelched. I wonder why.... You still need a rootkit scanner on any nix based system.
You need a rootkit scanner for any system.
That I would agree with.
no, macs dont have viruses because it would be a waste of time to infect, what, ~5% of the computer population?
Both of those are contributing factors...

What does that blue hand on me mean??!?!?
i think its something that, as you post more 'ibles, it changes colours. thats my guess. i saw a person with 2 'ibles that was blue and one with 11 that was green.
That would make sense as i only have one because i do not have a camera.
MS rhetoric. If you were a systems network administrator, you would know better. There are people always trying to get into nix systems. Because with properly set up systems, you just never hear about it.
We run only linux (plus bsd and other nixes), but though linux is generally virus free, that does not apply if you are running WINE(Wine Is Not an Emulator runs mswindows apps on linux) or something similar. Linux if not properly secured is also vulnerable to rootkits. (truth in advertising).
emit5 years ago
I am running Gloria Mint 7 at this time, and had no problems installing it.

Are there any hidden object games available??

We dont know all the terms that Linux uses, and find it very confusing.

Is there a book for dummys  like me??

Please help, we like Linux would like to stay

alexhalford7 years ago
What are the benefits of linux?
Improved efficiency and performance on all tasks. Fewer security-issues (a LOT fewer). Highly customizable. OpenOffice.org makes PDF's out of your documents (a feature that costs a lot on a certain other office-suite) and is compatible with all known software. Higher Internet speeds. Greater compatibility online. Lot's of free software as good as and usually better than bloated commercial software. Continual updates. Literally millions of people working hard to make you computer safer, faster and better as a hobby (as opposed to a handfull of underpaid officeslaves trying to beat the deadline). No built in obsolescenceobsolescence. .. shall I continue? I Can, you know.
Please do. You've almost gotten me converted to Linux. Plus it's fun to read... Idk.
No, you needn't continue. Thanks very much. AlexHalford
Xap (author)  alexhalford7 years ago
free, little viruses.
ea4225 years ago
I have it  on a HP laptop with vista.
mbro6976 years ago
does it work on vista?
abadfart6 years ago
after installing Linux can I delete windows?
Wuni installs Ubuntu inside Windows. Similar to the method of installing a program. Ubuntu is in the add/remove progs list when installed through Wubi.

Using the live disk is a much more "windowsly deletablezigzig" method.

I wouldn't recommend trying to delete windows after using Wubi. The purpose of Wubi is a low-impact installation of Ubuntu that installs beside Windows. If you desire to get rid of Windows, try installing it permanently using the Live CD. Since using the Live CD installer will reformat your hard disk, it is highly advisable to back up your files. If you are overwriting Windows completely, backing up is imperative as deleting the Windows partition by definition deletes all the data on it.
5m17h6 years ago
Is it easy to uninstall this? And can you easily adjust the disk partition? (i.e. Giving linux more space)
flataffect6 years ago
I've got Ubuntu installed on a thumb drive at home and want to install it to an empty partition I made on my netbook. Is there any way to install from the thumb drive? I've tried and haven't had any luck, but this is my first Linux experience, so I could be doing something wrong and not know it. I do want to keep the partition with xp running on it until I get a virtual machine going that I will be able to watch my netflix in. Any advice?
bowmaster6 years ago
Can you switch between Windows and Linux?
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