Introduction: Installing OS on RaspberryPi

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In this tutorial you will go throw steps on how to install OS on raspberry pi.

This is tutorial for completely beginners with raspberry pi.

Step 1: Preparing Your Stuff

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Know let us prepare stuff needed to start

1. raspberry pi board for sure.

2. sdcard and it's reader

3. Monitor and HDMI to vega if the monitor don't has HDMI port

4. 5v converter.

Step 2: Download OS

Go to this link

And download the the OS you need to work with (RASPBIAN is recommended)

Step 3: Upload OS to Sdcard

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Follow this steps on this link

Then you will have OS installed on your sdcard

Step 4: Power Up Raspberry Pi

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Now connect the monitor, usb mouse and usb keyboard to raspberry pi then power it on (connect the 5v power converter)

wait until it is powerd and you see the desktop.

Step 5: Edit Password

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Now your user is pi and password is raspberry

You need to change default password

open terminal and write $ sudo raspi-config

then choose change password to change your password

Congratulations! your pi is up and working now

Have fun


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