A quick guide to the correct method of installing our mod.

Step 1: Download Required Files

To use our mod, you will need OBSE (version 14 or newer) and the Oblivion Reborn (referred to from now on as "OR") files. You will also need the latest version of Oblivion (1.2.0416) to use OR.

Here are links to the respective download pages:
OBSE version 16 (newest as of this writing) (1.5 Mb)

Oblivion Reborn version 0.6.10 (alpha) (157 kb)

If you do not have Oblivion version 1.2.0416, you can get it from the Official Elder Scrolls site here:
English Version (5.1Mb)
Other Languages See this page for patches in your language.

The rest of this instructable assumes that you are patched to version 1.2.0416.

Optionally, you may also download OR:Complete, a tool that helps you identify problems, configure OR, and check server status. You will find it here:
Oblivion Reborn: Complete (15 kb)
<p>Where can I get this installation file (exact address)? I tried the web site, but the files in the folder from the installation files I found don't match the ones listed here.</p>
How can i let other players join my server!!!!
This was seriously disappointing... I really thought it would be better than this. Maybe in a couple more years someone will come up with something that actually works but this was just a waste of my time<br>
if you want to play multiplayer oblivion your just out of luck the mod works but its not something you would ever want to experience. i wish i didnt go thru all the work installing oblivion thank you moder for wasting our time guy. ive modded before and i just dont release stuff that works as badly as the multiplayer addon mod for oblivion without posting how badly it functions.
is this realy work?
&nbsp;i menaged to setup my server... if anyone is interested in playing with me send me a PM...<br />
Hey bro wuts yur server info???
i have been playing some time this with my friend... but thing it desync too often and when we fight someone i dont see whos he fighting and he dont see who em i fighting... All that this does is make you able to see each other and exchange items, other than that it does nothing else or for me atleast... if this is beta of something i hope they will fix that and make this real multiplayer mod...
Holy crap dude! I gotta get this!, my name is bounty1012 and im level 5 XD
i only have xbox D:
Woot go OR love this mod you need to update soon can't wait.

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