Step 5: Manual Configuration

Manual configuration can be very confusing. It is only recommended if you are knowledgeable of TCP/IP and basic Server-Client concepts. The alternative to Manual Configuration is OR:Complete (see next step).

To configure OR manually, there are two files you need to edit.

The first file, named "realmlist.wth" tells OR the address of the server you want to connect to. (you must be connected to a server with players on it to see other players)

Here is a sample realmlist file:

1 42427

Here is how the realmlist file works. The first line, "1", tells OR how many servers are in the realmlist file. This should always be "1". The second line, " 42427" tells OR the IP address and port of the server you want to connect to. Please note that there is no colon ":" between the IP and port, just a space. Also, please note that you can only enter IP addresses in the realmlist file, entering URL's or NetBios names will cause problems.

If you are hosting the server on the same machine, you can set the IP address to (this is a loopback address that refers to your machine).

The second file you need to edit is playername.txt. As the name suggests, this tells OR your character's name. (Unfortunately, it is extremely complicated to try and get name information from Oblivion or OBSE, so this file method was chosen). To change your name, simply edit this file. Note that the limit is 32 characters, and the file should only contain 1 line.

That's it for manual configuration. If you don't want to learn about OR:Complete, go ahead and skip to step 6.