Picture of Installing Pickups in a Stratocaster Style Guitar
A Quick, but detailed process of installing new Pickups in a Fender Strat Style guitar from Brian Porter of Porter Pickups. We'll go over the tools needed, and the order for installing new replacement pickups. Often times, a good playing guitar can become a good sounding guitar with a pickup upgrade.Find out more about Porter Pickups at http://www.porterpickups.com

Step 1: Tools For the Job

Picture of Tools For the Job
Having the Right tools for installing your new pickups is key. You can do it fairly inexpensively. Here are some basic tools that are helpful for the job:
-Safety Glasses (Eye Protection is a must)
-25-40Watt Soldering Iron
-Phillips Screwdriver
-String Winder
-Tweezers (Optional)
-Wire Cutters
mrmerino3 years ago
Don't tap too hard! you can demagnetize your pups
porter pickups (author)  mrmerino3 years ago
true, just enough to check if it's working. We often use tweezers.