Picture of Installing Variable Speed Pool Pump, Filter and Plumbing
Pool Heater Bypass (7).jpg
Pool Heater Bypass (11).jpg
Installing plumbing for a pool is kind of a art form.  Sure getting things connected and working is pretty easy, but making things look good and work efficiently is where the art comes in.  It is quite easy to have tubing running all over the place making things hard to maintain.  I looked around on the web for examples of other peoples plumbing designs.  Found a few good ideas but there was nothing that really worked for me and my budget.  Others were just plain dumb looking.  So I decided to post some pictures of what I came up with.  Maybe you will find something here that you can use for your design.

This first page is what I started with that was installed by professional pool installer... I think they just wanted to get the job done...  I hated this design.   Two pump that are not variable speed and with motors way in that back that are hard to service.  The filter is too small for the pool and constantly had to be cleaner.  Valves installed at different angles?  broken slab. inefficient heater.  Grass and weeds growing around tubing... can't even get a weed wacker in there too good.  To get to the electrical box I had to lean over all the tubing as there was no way to get any closer.... look bad to me.
great detailing what you didn't like originally. FUNCTION FIRST! Especially for things not easily seen. your end product looks great.
PVC pipes is dangerous and becomes more brittle when frozen.