Installing Widgets on Samsung Corby/Star


Introduction: Installing Widgets on Samsung Corby/Star

Hello everybody.
This is my new instructable on installing widgets on samsung corby/star.

Things required-
         1) Samsung corby / star mobile phone.
         2) Widgets ( wgt. files )

You can download widgets from here-

Step 1:

Lets start........

      First, download any widget ( .wgt format ) file and put it in your memory card......Not in any folder...just put it in your memory card..........
Then go to Menu/ Internet/ Enter URL and cancel http:// and type file:///Mount/Mmc/Name of widget.wgt ( for example, if the name of the widget that you putted in you memory card is HTCClock.wgt ,then type it as it is......if there will be any difference in typing the name of the widget, your widget will not be installed )
After that press Go
Your widget will be installed.....!!!!!
If it shows error No Existing Content , then recheck the name of widget and try again.
You will see your installed widget in Widgets on main screen.



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    my phone automatically switch down when i open.html link..... please help.

    if frimeware will support arab i will change my frimeware i cant read my messages wn it be english

    Because of firmware difference..

    hi man it doesnt work in my phone it give me no existing contact
    my phone corby wifi s3653

    1 reply

    maybe it doesnt work on wifi models

    i didn't understand on language... what language is that? from which country?

    1 reply

    that is russian. But google automatically translate that page in english.