Step 3: Modifing and mounting the camera on the Zagi

- Now that you have the camera ready you can modify the plane to hold the camera.
- The first thing to do is to remove the motor tray from the airplane. Pretty simple, just pull up the tape holding it down. Now would also be a good time to replace the canopy and motor tray if it is worn out.
- With the tray off cut a hole in the bottom of the wing for the lens to poke through. In my case I cut out the square section between the receiver and the motor mount.
- Set the camera on the airplane with the lens poking through the hole you just made in the wing, positioning the camera so that the board is centered on the wing as much as possible. Once you have it where you want it trace around the board with a Sharpe and remove the camera.
- With the knife make a shallow cut all the way around the line that you just made, about an eighth of an inch deep.
- Now take and cut out the foam inside of where you cut leaving a recess for the camera to set in, I my case I had to cut it out a bit more to clear a carbon spar that I installed the last time I recovered the plane.
- Once you are pleased with the way the way the camera sits in the hole use a small square of Velcro on the front of the board to hold it down.
- Re-Install the motor tray and trim it as nesassery so that you can reach the buttons of the camera.
- Charge up a battery and take it for a spin. :)