Installing a Floor Vent


Introduction: Installing a Floor Vent

Installing a Floor Vent with the Dremel Multi-MaxTM and the Wood Flush Cutting Blade #MM440.



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    Rather than us complaining about SPAM, there should be an official way to acknowledge the SPAMmyness of these types of Instructables. Sometimes even the SPAM is useful. Maybe there should be a separate category for Instructables that blatantly advertise commercial products.

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    I encouraged Dremel to post some of their videos as part of their sponsorship of Instructables through banners on the homepage (really quite good ones in my opinion), and an upcoming Dremel-sponsored contest. To your point about commercial-sponsored posts: How about we create a banner, like the featured banner, that informs you before you click on a project that it is commercially sponsored? We could just call it "sponsored."

    I also like the banner idea, however they should provide people with safety information, And since they have an advertising budget, they could do a video which shows you not only how to do the job safely, and accurately, but also show you an end result that is not highly questionable... Please don't say Dremel couldn't afford to replace a piece of $0.99/sq foot click lock flooring and cut it again with the correct hole size (( Watch the vent hole sizing and how it's carefully centered over the hole, which was cut to large, this could be simply solved my measuring the vent and actually drawing the size you wish to cut on the wood, a black sharpie is only $0.49 and if you goof windex will clean it off click lock flooring and tile, not to mention they brushed the cutting debris down the vent when they should of vacuumed it out, most lung injuries are 100% preventable, and lets not forget they laid that floor down with out proper underlay, and they used a screwdriver as a prying tool, which is not the intended use of a screwdriver, in fact this could easily lead to an eye / skin injury )) And I hate to nit pick, but if this was someones ible, that was a non commercial user maybe people wouldn't be so critical, I guess we expect more from a company like Dremel..... ((( and Dremel, may want to run this by there Legal department and ask them if this video was acceptable, because now it's a commercial and the manufacture is showing you potentially dangerous uses of there products I'm sure they might have some thing to say about it ))) And I would love to see Dremel doing some more videos on this site, but they need to be complete, so people can reproduce, the results with pride, knowing it will be done safely and accurately at home with there tools...

    I think the banner is an excellent idea. There is a lot of good reasons to have excellent commercial videos at Instructables. I'm assuming you would like to be the "one stop" place on the Internet to go for all the valuable DIY information. Just because an Instructable supports a private cause does not mean it has no merit. Still, I think any Instructable that has links sending the reader to some other DIY website is very cheesy and even rude if not in violation of your terms and conditions. I used to moderate a forum where posting links to outside commercially based forums could get you banned. Their advertisers wanted you reading ads on that website and not clicking away. But I digress. The banner idea works for me.

    Yeah, it's a tossup for me. On the one hand, this is indeed an advertisement. On the other, it's a well done little video, and Dremel is sponsoring Instructables with real banner ads, keeping it free for all of us to enjoy.

    Well done?

    That hole is way too big for that vent!

    The banner ads are paid for - posting videos is free. Sorry, but this is spam. If they want video adverts, they should be posted in the Marketplace.

    Ha, I did notice that. Okay, the video was well lit and filmed.