Step 3: Cover, soil, seed.

Picture of Cover, soil, seed.
Almost done! 

Now, you've gotten your stones down to the end. You've filled in your small stone well. You're ready to cover the stones with the remainder of your landscaping cloth and can put the topsoil down. 

Topsoil? How will the water get to our drain? Because topsoil will allow the water to percolate down to your drain much better than the previous soil that was there. Also, by putting down topsoil, we can plant grass. Plants are excellent at keeping the soil aggregates from agglomerating. (Alternatively, if you want to go hog wild here,  you can put in a gravel walk way which will be an added boon to your drain and will hide all this work. If that's your plan, stay tuned, I will be posting of of those really soon.) If not, continue: 

Cover your drain with topsoil and seed the heck out of it. 

Water your new grass every day or so, depending on the weather. Once the grass starts coming in, your drain will perform even better. Check my before and after pictures. It's a fun project and it requires a bit of strength and thought. 

Thanks for checking it out. Good luck on your project ! 

pdxsrw2 years ago
Enjoyed your sense of humor in your instructions. Nice work!
falling_stone (author)  pdxsrw2 years ago
thank you! It was a fun project.
fredellarby3 years ago
This is an excellent project and can save an otherwise useless yard.
when i did it, i had a shed in the way of the view so we used a laser surveyors transit. we shot a line from each end of the drain to the back wall, drove in a nail where the dot landed. Between the nails there was a 4in drop. in the trench, i laid the black perforated plastic drainpipe covered with landscape cloth. it's lasted for years.
Wonderful! I was wondering what you were going to do to to cover the entrance to the drain my idea was to make a small Japanese zen garden over it and soil the rest. What you did was really cool!