Installing a Hangboard. A good, compact training aid for climbers.

Picture of Installing a Hangboard. A good, compact training aid for climbers.
When I first got the hangboard, I thought that I would make a single instructable for both the installation and use of a hangboard. How ever I have decided against doing that, because it would be a very big instructable. Also I thought that for showing you how to train on one, I would make videos, and I can't really do that here, because whilst I wanted to take pictures of the process as it went a long, Dad put it up for me while I was out! OK that and it gives me time to practice with it so I don't look like a complete wimp!

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Step 1: Location, Location, Location.

Picture of Location, Location, Location.
You must choose where you are going to locate your hangboard. Above a door is very easy, although there are other possibilities if you can get at joists or exposed beams. I opted to put it above a door.

Where abouts in your house should you put it? Well if you think about it, you want to put it somewhere where you can just use it in passing, so it should be somewhere you go a lot. Also you don't want to put it somewhere that is cold, poorly lit or out of the way. That may rule out basements and such.

I put mine in my room, above the door as you enter. Because I can just use it for a few minutes each time I walk by it. Also I tend to have my music going, it is warm and well lit in my room. You should aim to do a 10 minute session each time you use it, which should include recovery periods, but I'll go into that in a later instructable.

DoloresB19 days ago

I didn't realize that rock climbing used so much upper body strength. I thought I could just hop into it. It looks like I'll be needing to do some pull ups or something, because I was not ready for rock climbing.

alexmac1311 year ago
very nice
Jayefuu2 years ago
Nice Ible. I need to put my Simulator back up.
80$man3 years ago
Pump it Up! Staggered Pull-ups ftw!

One thing... make is easy to take down, the grips do become dusty, dirty, grimey, clogged with shalk... best to clean with a high pressure hose every three months or so, I used my dayly when I climbed seriously (pre-university).

Another thing... STRETCH & WARM UP!... Pulling at tendon at the peak of your training cycle is terrible! Been there, three weeks with a swollen arm :(

Strength to you and your training! How many pull-ups can you do by now?
It is highly inadvisable to strench before any type of exercise. If you strench beforehand, you are drawing your muscles and tendons out to their limits, leaving very little movement for your exercise or workout. It can be quite harmful and might cause you an injury.

On the other hand, you should always have a good strench after you have finished your exercise. Strenching when you are not exercising is also a great way to feel good and keep your body supple.
extsieg6 years ago
Your next instructable could be on : How to make a bed ;) Looking for wall space now. Thanks
survivor5696 years ago
nice instructable, well presented and easy to understand. i wish i would have had this when i was installing my fingerboard, which is homemade from wood i found im the garage.
hedgiehog6 years ago
i have a similar one to that, just doesnt have the bottom two ledges. cool, these things can be hard to install, 1+
F1X0R (author)  hedgiehog6 years ago
Actually I know the one you mean, and its name. I just didn't want to go mentioning brand names on the site.
Cool Instructable! I would love to put one up once I get into a more permanent living quarters.
F1X0R (author)  DEFDOM DELTA6 years ago
Thank you.
noahh6 years ago
Where would one find a hangboard to buy?
F1X0R (author)  noahh6 years ago
Good question. Firstly I recommend you have a look on-line. Try ebay or other on-line stores that stock climbing gear. I got mine from my local climbing gym though, got a bit of a discount on it. The cost varies quite a lot and it isn't practical to really to give an average price, though mine cost me 50GPB (you normally pay more for these in the UK though, as usual!) If you belong to a climbing gym that has a shop, ask them, they may have them. I recomend a medium size one, because Having used both a large on and a small one as well, you don't get a lot of variation with the small ones, and the large ones provide a lot of holds that you don't need but cost you more. If you need to know anything else, just leave a comment. Thanks.
noahh F1X0R6 years ago