Picture of Installing a Leveling Kit on an F150 (2004+)
Installing a leveling kit on an F150 has its advantages and disadvantages. Lifting the front of your truck two to three inches will allow for larger tires, but will also wear out ball joints slightly quicker (this would be a good time to replace ball joints/brakes if needed). If you’re unfamiliar with these independent front suspensions, then install may take you approximately two hours, but can be done in less than an hour with experience. If you want to gain more clearance or increase tire size, then this is the simple modification you’ll want to do.

Parts/Tools Needed:
• Jack
• 1 Jack Stand
• 4 Blocks for Rear Tires
• Tire Iron/Socket to Remove Front Wheels.
• Hammer & Punch
• Pry Bar
• Bungee strap
• Locktite®
• Impact Wrench
• Torque Wrench (22-111 ft-lbs)
• Wrenches (15mm, 27mm)
• Ratchet and Sockets (15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 30mm)
• Safety Glasses & Work Gloves
• Leveling Spacer ($70+)

*A truck alignment will be required after this install due to the change in the geometry of the front suspension.
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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
To start, set the parking brake on your truck and place blocks in front of and behind the rear tires to ensure the truck wont roll. Jack up the truck high enough needed to remove the front wheel. A jack stand placed on the frame of the truck should replace the jack. This will be helpful later on when the jack may be needed. Make sure the lower A-arm is free hanging.

Caution: Eye protection should be worn at all times during the installation. Gloves are highly recommended.

Step 2: Upper Strut Mount

Picture of Upper Strut Mount
On top of the strut mount, you will see three bolts protruding out the top. This holds the top of the shock in place. Using the 15mm wrench/socket, remove two of the nuts. Loosen the third nut but do not remove it completely yet. The far inside nut may require you to use a 15mm socket instead.

Step 3: Sway Bar

Picture of Sway Bar
The sway bar is attached to the lower a-arm. Using the 18mm socket, remove this sway bar bolt.

DougS17 months ago

This is very informative, but can I use a spring compressor to compress the suspension/strut, remove the three nuts at the top of the strut assembly and just rotate the whole strut assembly/shock tower out to install my 2.5 inch kit?