This Instructable describes the installation of a SPY5000 two way motorcycle alarm with a Honda 1998 CB250 Nighthawk motorcycle.

This Alarm is rather typical of after-market motorcycle/ scooter alarms available all over the world. My installation was not standard, and was more complicated than I expected, so I am sharing my experiences and knowledge  to possibly assist anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation. I have found previous guides lacking some of the finer detail which may be required, so I have included as much information as possible to hopefully aid the reader.

Step 1: Tools & Equipment

SPY 5000m motorcycle kit
CB250 Nighthawk
Electrical Schematic for both kit and bike
soldering iron & solder
electrical tape
cutters , screwdriver socket set, scissors
Automotive Relay SPST and Cradle
Automotive Relay SPDT
3 x 1N4004 Diodes
1 x BD681 Darlington Transistor
1 x 68kOhm Resistor
Spade Terminals and Spade Lugs
Multimeter for continuity/voltage
Question do the blue wire go strait to the button that starts the bike
<p>Can you make a wiring diagram with motorcycle that doesn't have a KILL SWITCH? I do have a generic alarm with the PINK and GRAY wire unused. I have a CBR150fi (asian market)</p>
Hi I've read now your blog and I found it extremely interesting. I have one question regarding the remote start. My new scooter BV350 Piaggio has an immobilizer system which recognize the transponder located in the key hence allowing starting the engine. Did you get rid of this problem or I have to neglet the remote start? Thanks
Do you think that it would be totally necessary to use the kill switch function? i see it as more of a danger because if your riding and somehow the lock button is pressed on the remote, wouldn't it kill the engine while your riding? And also, if the bike is parked somewhere, it cannot be started without the key anyway, so i dont think it is worthwhile installing the remote kill switch function (Modification#1)? Also since my bike doesn't have electric start, would you agree that this can be installed without using or wiring up the remote start function? <br>And thankyou for posting this, would be the best writeup on the net on installing these SPY5000m units!!!
Hi Lacrossanator1, <br> <br>The kill switch feature is not necessary, and neither is the remote start feature. The ignition kill stops the thief from getting very far with the bike, in practice I notice it causes the engine to repeatedly stall, die , then gasp back into life. It does make riding the bike very difficult, like it was out of fuel or had very bad fuel blockages. <br> <br>The remote start feature does not require the key, it provides the ignition circuit with 12V and then relay-starts the starter motor. when you press the remote off button , it disengages the 12V feed to the ignition circuit and the bike stops. It is possible to remote start the bike, then put the key in, switch to on, and kill the remote on feature, and the bike keeps running. <br> <br>I keep the remote in my bike jacket, I've never had it turn on accidently, the buttons require a nice firm push to work. <br> <br>Modification #1 was done because the kit is generic and would not work as standard with my bike. My bike requires the CDI circuit to be grounded to kill the ignition. If your bike is different or has a different circuit , then you may need a different workaround. <br> <br>Glad you found the writeup helpful. The unit is still going great, though the siren did die a few months ago but a standard 12V piezo siren replaced it just fine.

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