Picture of Installing a TV in a sauna
My brother decided he wanted a sauna in his new house so I convinced him to let me also install a TV and sound system in it to make the heat and humidity a little more bearable :)
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Step 1:

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In the original house plans there was a large storage closet off the garage where the back wall of the closet actually abutted the back wall of the master bathroom so we built the sauna inside the closet sort of like a room within a room concept where we could still access the exterior and roof of the sauna via the closet door in the garage.  We installed the door to the sauna itself inside the bathroom. Here it is before the tile was laid.

Step 2:

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I also installed a whole house audio system with a pair of speakers and volume control in every room driven by a central amplifier so I installed an A/B switch in the control panel outside the sauna alongside the whole house audio volume control so you can switch between TV audio and whole house audio.
tegan7192 years ago
I would really like to see you do an instructables on how to install an all house audio system like you mentioned doing in your brother's place. I want to do this in my house but cannot find any how-to's for this project.
replayreb (author)  tegan7192 years ago
I have a friend that wants me to install a whole house audio system in a new house so when he starts building I will document it and post it.
khf3142 months ago

Wow very impressive. I'd be worried about condensation on the window to the TV. How did you avoid it? Or do you only have a dry heat sauna no water on the rocks?

Sauna was the only place with a roof that was free of all that noise and buzz from the outside world.

Now this is no more …

alanabs2 years ago
Howdy! Love the sauna its beyond gorgeous!

Enough licking your .... I have some questions for ya.

1) Would you ever consider doing a instructable of your or someone else's sauna?

2) How does the TV hold up in the conditions of the sauna?

3) If you were to build another what would you change about it either during construction of in the end product?

flyingpuppy2 years ago
Serious sauna envy here. Never mind the TV, just gimme that sauna! But the TV is definitely the cherry on the sundae.