Installing a Reverse Camera and Monitor.





Introduction: Installing a Reverse Camera and Monitor.

About: Update 12 September 2017: A very special thanks to Sam Elder, a manager here at Instructables, who tracked down the cause of my lost publications and fixed the issue. Take a bow Sam!

In an effort to enhance safety, I installed a reverse camera kit on a vehicle. This vehicle already Has the beep beep type reverse sensors but being able to see will also help.

Step 1: Cutting a Hole in the Bumper.

The kit came with a hole saw for the camera. Cutting the hole was extra easy.

Step 2: Installing the Camera.

I needed to partially remove the bumper since it has a foam absorber inside of it.

The camera leads have to go in the hole first then then camera is pushed in slightly. The final push in will be on testing to make Sure the orientation is right.

Step 3: Connect Power to the Camera and Monitor.

Power from the reverse light provides power to the camera. The video cable came bundled with an extra wire to power on the monitor.

The pic is on the passenger side pillar post where I made my connections.

Step 4: Routing the Video Cable to the Monitor.

I opted for routing the cable on the top for easier installation. I just pried the trims and fit the cable into the ceiling upholstery.

Step 5: Install the Monitor and Enjoy.

The monitor clamps onto the existing rear view mirror. I routed the cable for it inside the ceiling upholstery.

The entire system powered up fine and now reversing is a bit safer.

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Hey quick question, did you wire the monitor into the reverse wire as well? if not how did you do it?

I want the camera to only have power when I reverse so therefore surely the monitor only needs power when in reverse as well?

Thanks for the write up. How is the system holding up? I am interested in one of these but worried in hot climates the monitor wont last. Also, do you use the bluetooth and other features of the mirror? How is that working?

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So far, working flawless. The hot climate issue will cause the internal battery to die faster (I will do a separate instructable on that). I had one in my car (the device shown is in my wife's car) and it failed in less than a year. The Bluetooth and all custom settings were lost due to internal Li-Ion battery failure.

For the price I recommend go for it. The internal battery can be easily replaced! Stay tuned for that instructable!

I have my first full-sized pickup and can't see how close the front bumper is getting to obstacles. I'm going to install a backup camera but put the camera in the front grille. Since I'm not tying the camera power into the reverse light I'm thinking I'll have to run the camera power wire back into the passenger compartment and tie it to 12 volts through a slide or toggle switch. When I flip the switch I'm hoping the display will come on and show the view out front.

Does this sound plausible?

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if you don't intend to take power from the reverse light then your suggestion is good. However the reverse light will conveniently power the camera without having to manually turn it on every time you reverse. Also if someone else if driving your vehicle and does not know of the power switch then the camera and monitor will be off.

if you don't mind me asking how much was the kit?

and are there things we should look out for when buying one?

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Kit was less than 80usd. Just look at the Amazon reviews and go with that. Most of these items are made in China stuff.

is the screen mirrored too so you can still see out the back window or have you lost the rear view mirror now?

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Yes mirrored however not as reflective and the oem mirror. I prefer it since it cuts down on sun glare and those annoying bright headlights from behind.