Sometimes you may want to run software without having to use another computer. What you can do is set up a sort of pretend computer or a computer within a computer. This pretend computer is called a virtual machine, because it will be as if you were using birtually another computer. Sometimes I like to play and old mswindows for test some light software development in the virtual machine.

Note. I do recommend a machine of at least 1 gigahertz in speed and at least 512 meg or ram, but more is better so other programs do not feel slighted.

Once you have done this you can go back and in the install cd for Reatos and have Reactos installed more permanently.
Good luck.

Let me know if you have any qiestions..

Step 1: Installing the virtual machine software

You will want to go to the menu (at the top of the screen and choose System > Administration > Synaptic Package manager and click on it.

You will be asked for a password and then you can choose packages. Type in qemu in the quick search box. Then all the packages having to do with qemu will appear.

Choose qemu and qtemu ( you may have to page down on the packages to see it.

Then click on apply. Those items will be installed.

Hint you can also:

sudo apt-get install qemu qtemu

to achieve the same thing.

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