Step 5: Lets Go.

Press the start button.  You see it start loading.

it will take a while depending on the speed of you machine. Be patient.

Once it is up, you can start using just like the computer you are using now!

Note as you shut down your system Reactos will not be permanently on the system. This is only a temporary set up. You will need to use the install CD to have it permanently set up.

Using a virtual machine is a great way to test other operating systems without having to modify your existing set up.  (This can also be done on other operating systems, but I did not include that tutorial in this instructable.
<p>You should change the title to &quot;Installing QEMU virtual machine to on Debian&quot;. </p><p>Debian, and it's derivatives as Ubuntu, is not equal to Linux, fortunately.</p><p>When you use GUI for managing virtual machines, it makes more sense to use virt-manager. It builds on libvirt, with nice command-line interface virsh, and supports more hypervisors and containers than just QEMU. </p>
<p>You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Nothing will change. About had it with naysayers on instructables. One of the reasons I have not renewed my membership. By the way, I started with Slackware back in the 1990's.</p>

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