Installing Add-on Cards to Your Computer.





Introduction: Installing Add-on Cards to Your Computer.

In this instructable I will show you how to install add-on cards such as a video, audio, or gaming cards to your computer.
Remember, if you don't know what you are doing or you are not comfortable doing this don't do it!!! Because i am not liable for anything you do. Avoid tuching anything you don't need to tuch, everything in the computer is very Sensitive to hand oils.

Step 1: Getting Started

Things you will need:
screwdriver (not magnetic)
add-on cards

First you will need to turn off your comuter. After you have done that you need to unplug every cord connected to the computer.

Step 2: The Preinstall

First you want to remove the computers cover. When you remove it you will need to remove the covers where the cards will go.

Step 3: Installing the Add-on Card

once the plate is removed carefully insert the card into the correct position and screw in tightly. If it does not fit pull out and try again, don't force, it can dammage the computer and/or card.

Step 4: Putting It Back Together

now all you have to do is put the cover back on and insert the cords, inster all of them before turning on. mostly everything should be color coated to make it easy. When this is done turn it back on and if the add-on card came with a CD insert it and install any nessary programs. All should be on the disk.



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    When you remove all the cords don't remove the power cord, instead turn it off at the plug instead. This is simply because the power plug (unless you are american) has three prongs one is the earth so when you do open your PC up, touch a part of the metal chassis first to stop yourself from damaging the components through ESD (Electro-Static-Discharge).

    13 replies

    earth, wow we must hav a lot of earths lol, i believe the correct term is ground

    Earth is anouther term for ground - as the "ground" connection goes to "earth" (well at least theoretically - long discussion on that)

    You can get cords that plug into the power supply and ground the computer, but do not power it. However, these cost $15-20.

    and its useless... really..

    no its not

    it is, if you just carefully watch what you do..

    oh yeah,i built my pc without any way of grounding,on a WOOL rug

    Haha, gee, I wonder if that could cause a problem?

    -_- Haven't you read this whole conversation? Obviously it is important.

    American plugs/outlets have ground too.

    I thought they didnt as I live in the UK and here we have 3 prong plugs but I wasn't to sure about American sockets. Thanks for that.

    you might be right, but i have heard not to use it on carpet and that should sovle it, but i am not sure.

    Why not a magnetic tipped screwdriver? They make it a lot easier.

    5 replies

    the magnetic feild can mess up many things in your computer, hard drive, processers, it is best to use a non-magnetic just to be safe

    Nah, I've tried before with ultra strong magnets and they have no effect on hard drives and cant imagine how they could effect a cpu at all.

    ther USED to be major issues using magnetic drivers inside PC's... the problem was, we used to use these things called floppy drives. they were/are very sensitive to magnetic fields. magnetic screwdrivers tend to pass on part of their magnetic charge to anything they touch. there was also an issue with some of the early IC chips. without adequate isolation, they could be adversly effected my magnetic fields( ghosts in the machine). With all the radio and magnetic interference in a modern PC.... the circuits are built to take it better, so those worries are pretty well put to rest. Odds are, you're more likely to damage your computer, fishing around for that loose screw, than with the magnetic nature of your screw driver. as to the hard drives... if you ever get a chance... play with one of the magnets taken out of one of them... if a magnet THAT CLOSE to the platters doesn't effect them.. :-) though, to be more accurate, the magnets inside the drive are VERY well shielded, and only extend their field a very short distance. Putting a live degauss coil inside your pc, and turn it on is still a very bad idea.

    i use a magnetic inside my computer with floppy drive and disk inside

    You are right, in hard drives there are very strong magnets in them, i just wanted to play it safe so noone will mess up their computer and blame me for it.