Picture of Installing integrated brake and sequential signals on Fz8
So I decided to remove the ugly stock tail signals off my bike. I purchased a motodynamic sequential brake / tail light for the Fz8. I really like the fact that I can work on my bike at Techshop with all the tools available to me at Techshop.

Here is a video of how the tail light suppose to work. I love the 3 quick flash alert when putting on your brakes.

Step 1: Lets rip her apart!!!

Picture of Lets rip her apart!!!
First thing were going to do is remove the rider and passenger seats.

Then we go underneath the rear cowl and poke the middle of the snaps to release them. There are six plastic snaps total.

There are also 2 plastic screws on the top side of the cowl that need to be removed. Once all the snaps and screws are removed, slowly slide the cowl off. DON"T SCRATCH THE PAINT!!
Camtek2 months ago
Thanx for the instruction vid, Jumb!
Roadkill22 years ago
there are 8 snaps on the bottom not 6. there are 2 plastic screw snaps top two metal screws and 2 bolts to remove the cowl.
kking222 years ago
I am in Australia and my bike is not wired with indicator connectors described in the circuit diagram. You will have to splice wires if you buy this product for an Australian FZ8
jumb5150 (author) 2 years ago
I have to say this is a lot better than stock. Mainly because several LED's are much brighter than just one 1157 bulb
minuslars2 years ago
How does the brightness of this tail light compare to the factory one?