Introduction: Installing Oblivion Mods.

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This instructable will cover the installation of downloaded mods for "The Elder Scrolls, Oblivion".

NOTE: I suggest reading any readme's that are included with your mod as they might contain crucial information or tell you the locations of the item/location the mod adds.

Step 1: Find and Extract Your Mod.

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1.Find your mod

2.extract it (not into the oblivion data file...... not yet anyways)

Step 2: Install It.

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1.Find oblivion data files (normally C:program files/bethseda softworks/oblivion/data ..........{ i think}...)

2.copy and paste the file that doesn't say textures or meshes or readme into the oblivion data folder..

NOTE:If there isn't a textures file in the oblivion data file just copy/paste the whole textures file from the mod into the oblivion game data file.''

3. now open the textures file (in both windows {ie: oblivion data and your mod})

4.and copy and paste everything in it (the mod) into the oblivion data file.

repeat for the meshes, if any.

Step 3: Play.

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1.Insert the disk.

2. click 'data files'

3. check the box that has the name of your mod next to it.

4. play your game and enjoy.


Dakoda4 (author)2010-11-21

i downloadde a mod and it didnt have specific folders just the .esp, .nif, and .dds files and it said to put them in the correct files ive tried afew things but cant get it to work

isavegas (author)Dakoda42012-02-23

finally! someone makes an install guide! lol. its good you tried, but its a bit misleading... you dont take whats in the textures folder and put it in the data folder, it goes into the textures one in the data. and you cant forget meshes. many mods include both types, and some have even more. its safest to simply get the oblivion mod manager. (simply google the name) it lets you take this and make a single mod file (conveniently held in a "mod" folder) by simply hitting create, add folder, and navigating to the data folder in your mod. click create omod, and your set. it should pop up on the right hand side, double click to activate, and again to deactivate. keep in mind you can open any omod with this, and it lets you manage any "folder and file" mod (as i call them) that you have. cheers! :)

punkatsub (author)2009-03-11

is there any way to active the mods without the launcher or mod manager?, i reinstalled xp and it made my obilivon say that it hadn't installed obilivon

bananna39 (author)punkatsub2009-03-11

no you have to activate the mods through the launcher (or manager)

punkatsub (author)bananna392009-03-11


V-Man737 (author)2008-07-26


(Looks like someone could use this Instructable...)

d4rksaber (author)V-Man7372008-09-03


bananna39 (author)V-Man7372008-07-26

lol yeah

d4rksaber (author)2008-09-03

mayble u can post some mods for morrowwind...

gunmanx (author)2008-07-26

this is the best instructable ever :) but im anoyed bcuz i downloaded the akatosh flying mount mod but wen i summon him my game crashes i have vista is this because of vista? (this is a warning to not buy vista lol it sucks ballz)

allstarn07 (author)2008-07-26

Wont be long untill you will have to make another one of these for fallout 3.

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