Picture of Installing themes on samsung corby s3650/s3653
Hello everyone....
i dont wanna make u bore so i m coming directly to the point...
this is the tutorial on installing theme on your samsung corby s3650/s3653 by and it includes flashing and patching your mobile...



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Step 1:

Picture of
SAFETY FIRST- Make sure that u backup all your files, messages ,contacts, etc from your phone....

Now first check ur firmware by typing *#1234# in the keypad...
if its S3650XEIJ2 then its ok but if it is other then dont worry u need to first update ur firmware to S3650XEIJ2..

Now for those who dont have S3650XEIJ2 firmware they should first update their firmware...
Go to this page for tutorial on updating firmware - 
For those who have S3650XEIJ2 firmware, continue....

download these files-
Firmware (S3650XEIJ2) - 
Multiloader v5.56 - 
Theme (android jellybean 4.1) - 
Patch - 
Amss_patch.bin -
My 5 favourite themes- 
Locks for corby- 

Step 2:

Extract THEME file to any folder.....

Before Any patching...
Turn on the phone, go to my files and create a new folder in phone memory!!!!! (NOT IN MEMORY CARD!) named 'res' ..
'res' Folder must be in "myfiles/res" (do not create it inside videos, music , photos etc... or it wont work!!!!!!!)

And copy all files from theme file to 'res' folder that you made in phone memory.
the theme file contains-
     Data folder
     System folder
     Gadget.swf file
     Menu.swf file
     MyFiles.swf file

Copy all these files to 'res' folder.....
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shivba2810 days ago

i cannot even write
im only able to use numbers while writing messages
pls help

shivba2810 days ago

can you pls upload all the patches cause i have only 12 of them

shivba2810 days ago

can you pls upload all the patches cause i have only 12 of them

shivba2810 days ago

can you pls upload all the patches cause i have only 12 of them

shivba2810 days ago

can you pls upload all the patches cause i have only 12 of them

Mahantesh m b3 months ago

hi bro My samsung corby s3653 is dead while upgrading software by using multiloader , now im not getting even download mode , what should i do now plz reply...

faizans97737 (author)  Mahantesh m b1 month ago

Repair boot your phone and then flash

midhunf2 months ago

would u help me get flash player to in your patch rc2

faizans97737 (author)  midhunf1 month ago

Flash player wont work in corby

3zar2 months ago

when i press the lock button to come patch menu it doesn't work

what should i do?

faizans97737 (author)  3zar1 month ago

Press and hold lock button when the blue bar is filling up......

BasselA2 months ago

i have Samsung Corby GT-S3653W and it doesn't to with a USB Cable .... How to Connect it to the Internet ?

ipan374 months ago

hi sir,can i do this at my samsung corby 2 gt-s3850?

angieter10 months ago if i download this it says unsupported content. what should i do?
faizans97737 (author)  angieter10 months ago
there are files in is a firmware...i can download it without any problem...i dont know why it is showing unsupported content for you.

Does it work for Samsung Corby pro

Divyesh287 months ago

does it work for sa

Divyesh287 months ago

does it work for sa

mnayeem8 months ago

my samung s3653 is dead while upgrading frimware
im not getting even download mode what should i do now
plz help me

nnichu8 months ago

hey i'm getting serial port error....wat i want do..

mehrdad15769 months ago

Whatever I click on port search does not do anything nasty to the
s3653 ?

smanikanta10 months ago
thanks its works my s3653....its owsome
yyeerrffeejj11 months ago
sir how can i use the game.swf,1.swf,etc...?
faizans97737 (author)  yyeerrffeejj11 months ago
those games are not good.....instead you can download games in jar format and install manually
and how can i edit scripts in my swf file on flash decompiler trillix?
Yo bro, I have flashed my S3650 to the S3650XEIJ2 firmware, And i have several problems: My lock wont work neither will my wallpapers i cannot edit/Replace/Add icons and my status bar ain't working. I have tried flashing it 10 times and these problems still persist please give me some advice..
faizans97737 (author)  Gary-Smedley11 months ago
you have to put phonelock.swf file in the phone memory for lock.....
for wallpapers you have to rename the wallpaper you have to set as -wallpaper- and save it in the phone memory
hey i getting error like "this file can't pass hash check : Rsrc2!" While pressing download button
faizans97737 (author)  jayakumartkj1 year ago
Try this Rc2 file-
if it is ok when iwill patch it in memory card
faizans97737 (author)  zacklord11 months ago have to patch it in the phone memory only
odegt11 months ago
hi man i installed android but my bluetooth dosnt work plz help?
faizans97737 (author)  odegt11 months ago
if you are having bluetooth.swf file in the phone memory then you will have to enable the bluetooth patch from the patch menu and it will work........
and if you are not having the bluetooth.swf file then you shoud disable the change bluetooth patch from the patch menu...hope this helps
zacklord1 year ago
if it si okay when I will patch it in memory card
afzaalcool1 year ago
It isnt wrking. When i press and hold lock button after switching on the phone the patch menu didnt appears phone get started. what to do tell me plzzz...
faizans97737 (author)  afzaalcool1 year ago
have you applied patch in the phone?
If not, then you will also have to apply patch for themes to work
if it is ok when I will patch in memrory card
devil eye1 year ago
sir my dictionary is not working
what can i do
ammu81 year ago
i have done all the procedure correctly but after the patch menu is done and wen i restart the homescreen is blank white.... only signal strength and time can be seen
faizans97737 (author)  ammu81 year ago
restart your phone and untick all swf patches......then save and restart....
then go to res folder and check the names of the files....rename them if they are incorrect...then again restart your phone and got o patch menu and tick swf patches and save and restart....this should help
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