Step 7: Start slapping down some glue.

Picture of Start slapping down some glue.
We used a thin set mortar called Versabond. It has anti-mold properties (they probably all do). Mix it with water, don't inhale the dust and use rubber gloves. You will need a specific trowel with notches cut out depending on what size tile you choose. I think it's the smaller the tile, the smaller the notch (for example, 1/16th"), if you're laying 12" tiles on a floor, you'd probably need a deeper notch (more glue).

You had to work fairly quickly, as the open time (the time before it sets) was around 15 minutes. We did this in sections. Glue (thin set) on one quarter of the counter top, then with clean hands, place the tiles. Then more thin set and more tiles. Working quickly, we placed the tiles, then had just enough time left to work them around, wiggle them into place so that it wouldn't have that 'factory made' look. Again, we didn't want people to look at it and be able to clearly make out the foot sections of tile.

Following the directions on the label, leave to dry 24 hours.