Step 8: Time to grout.

Picture of Time to grout.
We were boring and went with a white grout. We thought it would look best with the light blue tiles and the white in the background of the sink. It's also in a bathroom, so we wanted a fresh, clean look. There are all kinds of colours of grout though, so don't be limited in your imagination!

Following the directions, we mixed up a bucket according to weight. (Weighing is a more accurate measure than by cups, ask any baker) Again, this stuff is kind of toxic, so use gloves and don't breath in any of the dust.

We mixed a bucket only to find that we didn't have enough. Mixing up more was really no problem. I was worried that the second batch might not match the first, but there's no difference at all.

You need a special grout squeegie (can't remember the name...trowel?) that has rubber on the bottom. It's flexible so that it can squish the grout in the cracks but it's not hard enough to scratch the tile. Always grout on the diagonal, so that you aren't inadvertently dragging grout out the cracks. Work the grout into all the nooks, up the backsplash and around the trim.
"You need a special grout squeegie (can't remember the name...trowel?) that has rubber on the bottom"

This tool is called a float. Trowels are the metal tools used to mix and apply the mortar or glue.

BTW, great job. I got one of those sinks with matching tile. My wife and I picked it up in Cuernavaca, Mexico about 8 years ago. I wish I still had the contact info for the store - they did (probably still do) a lot of mail order and shipping to decorators in the USA.
A float, yes of course! I could never remember what the things were called!

We are moving and have picked up a generic vanity to put in place of our Mexican one that's coming with us! No way are we leaving it behind. Three years later and it still looks fantastic. The new house has a lovely purple sink/toilet/tub that are hopefully on the way out!
Wow, purple? In 22 years I've never seen a purple set. Might want to try selling those on eBay. Someone may want them.