Step 14: Kodak Instamatic 44

Picture of Kodak Instamatic 44
The Kodak Instamatic 44 is a very simple camera. It was packaged for discount sales at US $9.95 - a shocking $57 in 2008 dollars. The manufacturing date code is usually hidden behind the removable metal field stop. The camera in the picture below has a CAMEROSITY code of YOOT or 06/69. Similar models are the Instamatic Hawkeye II and the Brazilian-made Instamatic 11.

Mfg. 1969 - 1973
Lens: fixed f/11 43mm plastic meniscus lens
Shutter: fixed 1/50 sec.
Film advance: manual knob
Flash: Flashcube, automatic advance during winding
Batteries: Two PX825
image: 28x28mm nominal

  • Hold down shutter button to wind film.
  • For un-backed reloaded film, wind two complete turns between shots.
  • Flash cube must be manually advanced.
  • Replace PX825 batteries with modern 1.55 volt button cells shimmed with coins.