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Introduction: Instamorph Phone Holder

At the Hack-Space last week there was a "Instamorph" night. We decided to make a phone holder.

What you need:
1x Bag of Instamorph
1x Phone

Step 1: Melt

So get your Instamorph, it usually is in tiny rice like granules, and put them in boiling water.

Once they have melted go to the next step.

Step 2: Stretch

Take the Instamorph out of the boiling water and stretch it like so. You need it to be double the length of your phone.

Step 3: Morph

Now mould the Instamorph round your phone, like this.
You need 2 of these.

Step 4: Put Them Together

While the Instamorph is still malleable, push them both together to form a case-type holder for your phone.



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