Instant Bike Tire Repair - No Tools!





Introduction: Instant Bike Tire Repair - No Tools!

This is a butt-saving trick! Thanks to Mars for teaching me in the nick of time!

Do you ever get a flat tire while you're in a bike shop, right there with all your tools? No! You get flat tires on the road, just off the highway near the intersection of "Middle of Nowhere" and "Most Inconvenient Place to Get a Flat".

I got this flat in Lynnfield, MA, seven miles from the nearest bike shop, while biking to Montreal from Boston. Seven miles is a long walk!

What did I learn?
1) check the tire before you go to a bike store. If it's just a puncture, patch it.
2) carry a patch kit.
3) if the problem is worse, take the tire off the bike and take it to the bike store with you
4) quick-release bike tires. Always.
5) it's awesome to know how to replace a bike tire without tire irons! Don't waste money on tire irons!
6) better than going to the bike store: carry a spare tube!

Do most people carry bike tools? The answer to that is also no!
Here's why you don't have to!

Step 1: Take Off the Wheel With the Flat.

If you don't have quick-release tires, you'll use a wrench

Step 2: Remove the Rubber

take off the tire and the old tube

Step 3: The Tubes!

Inflate the new tube slightly with your mouth or your pump, and slip it over the old rim.

Check this out - Rite Aid sells both bike tubes and wrenches. SO CONVENIENT!

Step 4: Tire ON, No Tire Irons

Put the tire on completely around the rim.

Use your thumbs to press the edge of the tire up over the rim.

Work towards your chest, at first. When you're almost done, turn the tire so you can push away from you.

Do one side first, then flip the tire and do the other.

At the very end of the second side, it'll get a bit tough, but if you press through and really apply effort, it'll pop on.

Step 5: Inflate, Ride, Repeat

Find a bike pump, use a gas station's pressurized air, or a barrel-chested human with the nickname "Lungs" and a one-way valve for a mouth.

Step 6: Avoid Bike Traps

Here's the trap that gave me the flat.

These lengthwise grates are the perfect size for your bike tire to slip into. My back tire had a lot of weight on it, and popped.

Watch out for broken glass, sharp stuff, etc.!



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    Nice. Althougth it doesn´t work so simple in every tire type.

    Thank's for the instructable - Just a note:

    This might be more accurate if entitled: "Bike Tire CHANGING made simple".
    As you have not repaired, but rather changed it.

    J Charles B

    Tire irons (or levers as I call them) are awesome. My advice would be don't go without them! They make life much easier. I'm a shop mechanic and I never change a tube without them. We use Pedro's levers which have a lifetime warranty and can be had quite cheap, less than $5 for a pair.

    I am not able to do that without levers--my beads are very tight because I ride at very high pressure.

    not really seeing the difference between carrying tools (a little puncture repair kit) or carrying a new tube... both of which require a pump (or gas station if you are fortunate enough to have your flat near one) anyway... and one seems more wasteful than the other...

    that reminds me of something........
    a while ago, i went bike riding with my school, the teachers tire POPPED!!!!!!
    huge gash in the tube and tire, put in a spare and pumped it up at a gas station, and at 10psi, BANG another pop

    Have a "instant puncture repair" can. It won't be good for all punctures but it will replace the pump after you've repaired/switched the inner tire. It's faster.

    i have a tube with me. flat, change tube, keep tupe, repair at home /drøn

    not all popped tires are fixable with a patch kit. I'm impatient and don't want to wait for rubber cement to set, on the road. So I carry a new tube. Yeah, you need some way of putting air in your tires. There's no way around that.

    I don't get the title of this article - "Instant Bike Tire Repair - No tools!"
    How do you get the tire off without tire irons (which are tools) and the wheel off without a wrench (which is also a tool) if you don't have QR axles? Where do you find the pump?

    If you are trying to say that this so called trick is to replace the tube instead of patching it, the title is incorrect and misleading.

    And, if you have the spare tube wrench, pump and tire irons, might as well remember to carry a couple of patches and a tiny tube of rubber cement.