Picture of Instant Caltrops
An ancient weapon like a metal sandburr. It's a nail with multiple points that has at least one point upward no matter how it lands. They are also called "star nails". This is the quickest way to make them.

Some people consider caltrops a political weapon in this era of wars for oil for vehicle fuel.
If you are such a person you should pursue your ends by peaceful means instead.
Remember Noam Chomsky's advice:
"If you fear the government the proper response is to get more involved in government, rather than less so, because the Government really is the institution that represents you."
Watch the movie "Weather Underground" to find out what some famous political vandals wish they'd done instead.
I think it was Bill Clinton who said, "It's best to conclude that bad policy is caused by ignorance, not malice."

Safety Warnings:
Flying sharp metal will hit you in the eye.
If someone steps on one of these they'll get hurt.

Excellent photos by theinfonaut

Step 1: Nicaraguan Caltrop

Picture of Nicaraguan Caltrop
Caltrops in the Gallery of Heroes and Martyrs in the town of Masaya, Nicaragua.
These look like barbed wire barbs cut off and welded together, but they're much larger than any barbed wire I've seen. These were used in the revolution against Somoza in the late 70's. Nicaraguans threw them onto roads in front of troop truck convoys to delay them with flat tires.
Somoza was a ( yawn, yet another ) U.S. supported brutal dictator.

By the way, a recent issue of Time magazine reported that Nicaragua now has the lowest risk of terrorism in the hemisphere.
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dread2 months ago

"remesh" would be heavier duty than this I think, if that helps. You can buy individual remesh "sheets" of 3.5 x 7 ft. The wire is much thicker than this I believe. They are very inflexible and hard, so you need something very tough to cut them. I use a grinder. Their primary use is for strengthening concrete floors and similar flat concrete areas. In the US and Canada one sheet is between $5 to $7. I use it for fencing because it is very strong and very cheap (and vines grow well on it).

What do cops use for their spikes? Is it made of the same quality as these are? They seem like they could do a lot of damage to tires. http://www.abodegroup.com.au

deployed and being deployed


they use spike strips that they spread across roads, these are primitive handheld spikes

pandaboy2927 years ago
couldnt you just use a sharpened jack? or a unsharpened jack. it will still hurt but wont bleed.
If you want hurt without bleeding, just scatter a bunch of 1/4" pebbles (I assume you're implying barefoot, since anything that would hurt through shoes would likely draw blood).
ksmith166 n0ukf4 months ago

or Legos

radiorental9 years ago
"Warning: Some people consider caltrops a political weapon in this era of wars for oil for vehicle fuel. If you are such a person you should pursue your ends by peaceful means instead." It would seem to me that anyone using these for such a purpose would also want to weigh up this 1) Will cause the car owner to go and purchase a new tyre - more consumption. Although I guess the tyre could be easily repaired 2)If more than one tyre is pucntured it would mandate a pickup truck call-out, more gas consumption 3)Very unlikely to change the car owners mind about the use of their car. A more effective method are those stickers "did you know your SUV is causing global warming"
You're assuming that the person will care about your opinion beyond the fact that they are inconvenienced by having to remove the sticker from their vehicle. That's probably unlikely to be the case.

Caltrops are minimally destructive device and will cost significantly longer in money and time to repair or replace the tire. They're non lethal assuming one isn't moving at a high rate of speed when you hit it.

The last, more extreme option would be to devise a catastrophic or lethal device, like a cable strung across a thoroughfare or and IED.

Doesn't the production of bumper stickers cause global warming? ;-) Better to just leave a note. I particularly like: "Santa knows you're causing global warming."
Using a schrader valve core remover and taking the core out of all four of the valve stems is rather effective too.
this guy should really learn how to spell the word "tire" in the correct fashion, it isnt hard, just think (referring to radiorental)
"Tyre" is actually the correct spelling in British English. It's just like "colour".
Lokisgodhi7 years ago
That's NOT chicken wire. Chicken Wire is braided wire in hexagons.

The material shown is Galvanized Fencing Mesh.

I'm sure you know what you're talking about, but I'd say that most people would call it chicken wire.
At the risk of sounding like a smart-ass, I feel compelled to mention that no one who had ever kept chickens or knew anything about them would call that chicken wire, since it obviously wouldn't work to keep chickens in. Most people who buy or use it call it galvanized fencing, "welded wire," or "hog wire" -- though real hogwire is wrapped, not welded. Most 2x4 wire is used for staking tomato or bean plants, or for keeping idle chompers out of your garden. Baby chicks, or even small banty chickens, would walk right thru this 2x4-inch mesh. As Lokisgodhi points out, you need to ask for the right thing in order to get what you want. The wrapping on these should be done tightly, since more than likely the cheap spotwelds on 2x4 welded wire will probably break somewhere during this process. Homemade caltrops are often made by epoxying four shingle nails together at their heads, as some vets may recall. The OSS made caltrops for use by resistance forces, and issued instructions for making your own from wire or nails as a field expedient to disrupt Nazi transportation.
JonFG smokehill3 years ago
I have been dealing with wire mesh for a long time.. If you really want to see the variations on wire mesh fencing, inclucing chicken wire and welded wire, galvanized and all the size and mesh variations.. you can check http://www.academyfence.com/welded-wire-mesh-fence or http://www.weldedwirefence.com

I would have to agree jeffconnelly, I would have called that chicken wire too.
yeahh, chicken wire is the hexagonal stuff...
If you're ordering chicken wire with the expectation of making these, then you're going to be disappointed with what arrives.
NFI Lokisgodhi6 years ago
Huge "bump", but you're right - that's not chicken wire. I don't know what these people are talking about.
btackett13 years ago
these can also be used as a project for school if your school has you do a project that requires you to research on something from ancient times
 if you can bent it with a set of pliers then a car or even a shoe is gonna bend it.
but this work in bigger scale
the caltrops that he describes will not work. however if done on a large scale like you suggest.  I would know this as these caltrops just got me expelled from school by getting back at another student.
btackett1 cooy3 years ago
lol wow u failed
AXHEJAZ4 years ago
simply awesome! thanks man, i'm going to try to get thicker wires though to make the caltrop stronger!
wow it is assum
you are briliand
it is so easy and cheap
but is it strong enough?
don't it breack whan a human stand on it?
Ah, I knew I'd see something that thought like me... This might work great if you're running from someone that you believe that may want to harm you in any way. Team it up with CD kunai or Shuriken for MASSIVE DAMAGE!
Jesus105558 years ago
lol, if they are only for pocketing at the renaissance festival, why do you have pictures of them situated under a tire, lmao
what does imao mean?
goeon mazeka.146 years ago
laugh my @$$ off
seabee890 goeon5 years ago
??? What does @$$ mean ??

@$$ means butt. lol
just kidding
loppy96 goeon6 years ago
mazeka.14 goeon6 years ago
Colonel885 years ago
Put these in your pocket so when someone tries to pickpoket them they go OWCH.
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