Instant French Onion Soup for < $0.25





Introduction: Instant French Onion Soup for < $0.25

Just add hot water to this recipe to make delicious onion soup for less than the cost of ramen noodles!
A hot, low calorie soup makes a perfect lunch on the go!

Step 1: Making Some Soup!

Toss a couple bullion cubes into your large travel mug (I used the one I brought my coffee in), add some dried minced onions, and fill with water. Make sure you either use hot (nearly boiling) water, or use a microwaveable cup, and microwave the whole mix until it's hot.

Step 2: Spice It Up Like a Cheap Bastard!

A couple of packets of ketchup, hot sauce, salt or pepper will liven this soup right up ... if you feel the need.

Step 3: Check Out Those Calories!

5 calories per cube?!!!! The same goes for those packs of ketchup and onions and whatnot. You'd have to add a hamburger or something to get this soup over 50 calories.



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    reminds me of the "That Girl" episode in the 1960 where she went to the automat and made ketchup soup for free. gotta be old to remember but fond memries indeed.

    Actually a great idea.

    There's a recipe on for slow-cooker pulled beef or roast (think au jus) where it calls for french onion soup (I guess that, technically makes it other than au jus, but anyway...) Unfortunately if you have an allergy to gluten (i.e. wheat, barley, rye) it's hard to find canned french-onion soup without a thickener that's wheat-based (i.e. "modified food starch"). This will do the trick, and for that I thank you! :-)

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    I believe that the classic Lipton's is gluten-free (I use it and I'm not dead yet!), but it is not thickened. It's just a packet of dry. If you need to, you can blend in some tapioca or corn starch.

    That's 10 calories for the cubes, but also 76% of your daily sodium intake

    a great way to add calories to onion soup is to add a slice of bread with melted cheese on it. It also makes it taste so much better!

    The dried onion is a good idea! At bulk stores around here, you can often buy inexpensive dried veggies, and instant soups, for very cheap. I used to do DIY instant soups all the time. One of my favourite things to do was to throw dried veg and stock into a thermos, add noodles and boiling water, cap and carry to school. Hot, cheap soup on a cold day is win. A tablespoon of couscous or bulgur is also a nice addition.

    They should just be dried onion, no salt. You could of course always dry your own, to be even cheeper, and grow your own to be even cheeper still! Now all I need is an instructable for making bullion cubes. Pref. vegetarian... I also use "chikin" flavored. Add some other dried veggies and mabey dried parsley and paprika! Yum!

    It like to say that at HEB or Walgreens where i live, ramen costs 15 cents. And it tastes a hell of a lot better.

    I enjoyed it for lunch today. Some may disagree, but I think it's tasty.

    I've made this for a quick snack at work. I used the low sodium bouillon granules instead of cubes to cut down on the salt content. Tasted pretty good.

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    After trying the low sodium bullion, I have to suggest it!

    Sodium or sodium chloride??