Instant French Onion Soup for < $0.25

Picture of Instant French Onion Soup for < $0.25
Just add hot water to this recipe to make delicious onion soup for less than the cost of ramen noodles!
A hot, low calorie soup makes a perfect lunch on the go!
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Step 1: Making some soup!

Picture of Making some soup!
Toss a couple bullion cubes into your large travel mug (I used the one I brought my coffee in), add some dried minced onions, and fill with water. Make sure you either use hot (nearly boiling) water, or use a microwaveable cup, and microwave the whole mix until it's hot.

Step 2: Spice it up like a cheap bastard!

Picture of Spice it up like a cheap bastard!
A couple of packets of ketchup, hot sauce, salt or pepper will liven this soup right up ... if you feel the need.

Step 3: Check out those calories!

Picture of Check out those calories!
5 calories per cube?!!!! The same goes for those packs of ketchup and onions and whatnot. You'd have to add a hamburger or something to get this soup over 50 calories.
Traci12242 years ago
reminds me of the "That Girl" episode in the 1960 where she went to the automat and made ketchup soup for free. gotta be old to remember but fond memries indeed.
Appollo643 years ago
That's 10 calories for the cubes, but also 76% of your daily sodium intake