Instant Fridge for Beer





Introduction: Instant Fridge for Beer

Liquid air it's very cold.With this gadget ,you can cold a beer in 6 second.



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Questions & Answers


i have an idea. if you want your juice chilled, do this; cut the top off of the can. pour juice in, and do what you did wiht the soda. TADA! you can also do this with food; put the food in and spray for 1-2 seconds. now you hat food (brownie!) is cooled and ready to eat.

i know how this works... well, sort of. i read the warning on the duster it said something like... "WARNING! DO NOT SPRAY WITH CAN UPSIDE-DOWN! IF SPILLED ON YOU, IT WILL CAUSE FRSTBITE!" or something like that.

Im sure that cooled the can pretty well but not all the liquid inside.

You can freeze peoples skin with keyboard cleaner in about a second :D

It freezes your skin not the bone or muscle inside. This make the Al can cold not the beer on the very inside.

hey of what is the aerosol??

hmm, suspicious of the coldness of all of the beer, I could look up the specific heat of beer and do a thermal chemistry problem involving an open system...or spend ten minutes to make this and test it out. looks real cool and has the potential to make the operator the hero of the party, I bet a CO2 canister decompressed fast could probably do the same for lots of cans

what is the temp of the beer, itself? is it actually that much colder? because although the can might be v cold it may not have taken all that much heat out of the beer. really cool idea 5*

If you drill your hole tangent of the glass instead of perpendicular of your beer to create a kind of tornado in the glass, do it cold faster?

Neat instructable! Is that just compressed air? Cool idea. K.