Here's a quick way to create instant hat bling for any occasion. I take my inspiration from all the crazy hats worn at Kate Middleton's wedding (go BIG or go home, right?).
The best part about my method of accessorizing hats is that it's instant. All you need are two super magnets and any fun object you may have laying around the house. You can go bigger and better by adding netting, ribbons, or feathers. And you can go vintage, modern or surrealist. The options for hat bling are limited only to your imagination and to things that weigh less than half a pound.

Step 1: The Setup

Position a super magnet on the inside of you hat where you want the bling to attach on the outside. 
Snap another super magent onto the outside of the hat.
Attach anything metal to the outer magnet. These are the things I used here: a broken necklace, a pair of scissors, a handfull of paper clips, a Christmas tree ornament, and the inner guts of my steampluck lamp.
Not shown here, I also used a lid from a soup can (a Warhol inspiration).
Optional: hot glue the outer magnet to anything non-magnetic, and you're increased your options exponentially.
Very clever design! My favorite is the steam punk with sprockets. :)
You have an awesome hat to start with and you just made it even more beautiful! Wonderful job and great idea!
Thanks, Penelopy! That's another project altogether--making hats!
What a great idea! This is something I will do. Thanks for sharing! <br>Sunshiine

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