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Introduction: Instant Legal Shoes

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Shoes are required by law in the U.S. in many places.
You see the signs "no shoes no shirt no service".
You should boycott such places.
After all,
How many laws does it take to make one free?

But if you find yourself barefoot in such a place with a powerful hunger, in the company of parents you like, or for other reasons are unable to yell at the proprietors and stomp out, just put bags on your feet and they must serve you.

Thes bags will fit the definition of shoes in most jurisdictions.

If you are fleeing this country to become a barefoot refugee, consider Australia, where shoes generally not required, or Indonesia, where feet are considered cleaner than shoes and some hospitals even are barefoot.



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    I often decide not to wear shoes,.. And i live in Australia, but i always wear shoes on formal occasions or when it gets quite cold, which believe it or not actually does happen in Australia, I've never actually seen a no shirt no shoes no service sign,.. but night clubs, sports clubs and most pubs will kick you out if you do not fit their dress code.

    not wearing shoes for safety??
    with blocks(=shoe) on my feet I'm certainly not safe! I'm so clumsy with shoes on, it just isn't natural. even in the winter I tend to go outside in the snow bare feet (although that is never for too long ;-))
    without, I feel normal, I can walk decent, but here in Belgium they will look weird at you for not wearing shoes :(
    what a shame

    there should be a international no-shoe day XD

    while its not illegal to drive barefoot in most states, if you were to find yourself in an accident the fact you were not wearing any can be used against you in certain cases (usually those involving cops in a bad mood) for reckless driving

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    What's the difference, if i have a shoe on or not (besides the law) if i drive with my feet, wouldn't that give me betteer control if my feet with shoes on would be too big to fit? Infact humans had healthyer feet before the invention of shoes.

    It's legal to drive barefoot in all states. The only exception is Alabama, where you have to wear shoes while riding a motorcycle.

    In Alabama you have to wear shoes while driving anything, not just a motorcycle. It is enforced, too.

    Changing a flat tire without shoes is not so fun :/ But if officers give you a hard time, you can just ask them to point you to the law that requires you to wear shoes....

    not a good idea, my dads a cop and there is a law like that... he showed me :( but on the bright side... there is no law on burning things with a laser pointer! :p

    I guess that depends on where you live ;) Because I'm sure there's no federal law on this. Out of curiosity -- is that a state law? County/City ordinance? Where? Just curious as this seems like one of those goofy laws local legislature would write (and I like seeing how stupidly they word them) :D

    its not all the time, just when ur driving. i live in colorado, and if u tick off a cop while driving with no shoes, they can give u a ticket for recklace driving :p

    I changed a flat without shoes before! Changing flats pretty much sucks all around, so I can't exactly say it was FUN, but... it wasn't too bad.

    Where I come from 'shoes' mean made from leather, as opposed to trainers, sneakers, plastic bags etc. There is no way you'd get into a UK club with plastic bags on your feet (shirt or otherwise). And who walks around barefoot anyway these days?

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    A friend of mine was refused entry into a nightclub due to white trainers. Fortunately he was wearing black socks. He went away and put the black socks over the white trainers and on his next attempt at entry the fact that they didn't draw the eye allowed him entry in the club.

    Well that's what happens, good on them.


    Walk around barefoot on the streets or get into nightclubs? L

    i'm 15. i don't go to nightclubs

    Right, walk around barefoot then - good on ya. L

    if you look decent as such, i'm sure you could walk around barefoot and shirtless and it'd be fine, I just can't see it working if you're obscenely fat, or just horribly ugly. by the way, have you ever tried walking into a mcdonalds with a pair of shoes in your hand, a shirt draped over your shoulder, and nothing but shorts and underwear on (worn correctly of course) ?