On the set of Flourless Brownies Instructable, my hand became tires from holding the SunGun, so my husband took a mic stand, some zip ties and decided rig something.

Step 1: Lock the Bottom.

we started with the pink tie but it kept sliding, so we locked it in place by zipping the white one on the pole only.

Step 2: Go Nuts

add ties to anywhere else to make sure you light doesn't topple over. enjoy.

Step 3:

<p>It's a nice flash you got with your zip ties ... 'C)</p>
<p>There are clamps and spigot that can adjust to a mic stand, it would be easier to dismount !.</p>
the sun gun has a strange handle that wouldn't fit into things

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Bio: We are a husband and wife team primarily focused on kitchen fun!
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