Picture of Instant Lounge Seats
I needed tons of extra seating for a last minute Halloween party I decided to have and came up with a cheap and fast solution. Here's what you'll need: 

- 8+ buckets (4-5 gallon)
- Table cloth, sheet or blanket
- Couch cushions or large pillows

I happened to score a bunch of 4 gallon pales from an ad on Craigslist for $1 each, but you can find 5 gallon buckets at home depot. They're called "Homer" buckets and come in a 5-pack for $11.70. 

The tablecloth cost me $1 from the 99 cent store (thanks Q Bargain!). And the cushions are the back cushions from my couch. I just replaced the back cushions on my couch with decorative pillows. 
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Step 1: Arrange Buckets

Picture of Arrange Buckets
Arrange the buckets, open side down, in the area you need seating. I spaced mine apart about 5-8 inches since my cushions are pretty big. 

Step 2: Drape cloth

Picture of Drape cloth
Drape the tablecloth over the buckets and tuck any excess material underneath the buckets. I made sure to smooth out the wrinkles to make it lay nice and even. 

Step 3: Add cushions

Picture of Add cushions
Lay the cushions on top and adjust the buckets and cover to desired attractiveness. Stand back and admire your lounge-seating-to-go! 

Total cost: $9.00!