Introduction: Instant, Powerful Squirt Gun in Seconds!

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Make a powerful squirt gun in a few seconds for dirt cheap.

Step 1: Materials

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All you need is a tack and a can of sparkling water. This won't get sticky.

Step 2: Ready, Aim, Fire!

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Before you activate your totally awesome water gun, find a victim. Sneak up on them with the unopened can in one hand and the tack in the other. Once you have a good shot, poke a hole in the can with your tack and aim it at them! Make sure to watch your back after that! Did it lose air pressure? Just squeeze the can.
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spencdood (author)2015-06-19

or u could shake the can, smack it on the ground just enough so it has a weak spot, and chuck it far and wide on a road and/ or sidewalk and have it become a mini soda gernade.

krazytechboy (author)spencdood2015-06-22

I tried that before, it was awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

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