Introduction: Instant Ramen Made (slightly) Healthier

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Instant noodles are a staple of late night study sessions in college, but most packs contain only a MSG heavy soup base and dried noodles - not exactly the healthiest of meals. Luckily, spicing up instant noodles with some added nutrition is fast and easy. It still isn't the greatest idea to have this as every meal - but the occasional 5min instant noodle doesn't have to be completely devoid of any nutritious value :)

Step 1: Boil Water

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Boil around 2 cups of water in a pan - depending on your stovetop, this step can take a couple minutes, so it's useful to start preparing your other ingredients while waiting for the water to start boiling

Step 2: Add in Vegetables

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Add in your vegetables. For this instructable, I went the simple route and stuck to a couple stems of bak choy, which tastes great in any soup. However, you can add in almost any other vegetable into ramen soup - I particularly like pea shoots, napa cabbage, or mushrooms.

Step 3: Noodles and Eggs

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Time to add in the bulk of the meal! Open your package of instant ramen and add the noodles and soup base into the boiling water. If you want to add some protein, now is also the time to crack open an egg or two.

Step 4: Cook

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After you add in the noodles and eggs, wait for a couple minutes to cook. I like my noodles a little hard (al dente!), so I usually only wait around 2 minutes. After you've finished cooking, turn off the heat, scoop out the noodles and vegetables, pour in some soup, and voila! Easy, fast, (and slightly more nutritious) instant noodles.


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