Picture of Instant Recycled Bracelet
A bracelet made from an old watch... Took me 5 mins to make... And also completely modifiable...
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Step 1: Things used..

Picture of Things used..
1.An Nail cutter or a wire cutter
2.An old watch

Step 2: Disassemble...

Picture of Disassemble...
Disassemble the watch. You can do it with a brute force or use pliers... Just remove the pins connecting the watch and the strap..
We'll need only the straps so discard everything from the work area..

Step 3: The wire

Picture of The wire
Cut  3/4" wire. Use cutting pliers.. I used a nail cutter though...

Step 4: Connect the Straps

Picture of Connect the Straps
Use the wire to connect the strap as shown in the figure..

Step 5:

Picture of
Straighten the straps to bend the wire...

Step 6: Looping

Picture of Looping
Cross loop the wires as shown..

Step 7: Wear it!!!

Picture of Wear it!!!
Wear it with pride..
You have just
1.Recycled your old watch
2.Made your own bracelet
3.Saved Gasoline and Time running to store

Step 8: Optional:

You can solder the wires but i left it for further modifications if an idea pops-up...
You can also attach pendents or something else between the wires...
Thank you for spending your time viewing...