Instant (almost) E-Reader Cover


Introduction: Instant (almost) E-Reader Cover

    A couple weeks ago, I thought I'd like to make a cover for my Nook, since I didn't want to pay Kate Spade prices for an "official" one.  Sugru project offered an answer in the form of a cover using - guess what? - hooks fashioned from that new miracle stuff: Sugru!  Well, I couldn't find any in Chicago and didn't want to wait for a mail order.  So, I went ahead, gutted a book was willing to sacrifice and, using Velcro Sticky-Back Squares, I very quickly produced a cover I like and maybe you will too.  Below are several photos showing placement of the Velcro.  If it looks a little stark and bare, I haven't yet decorated the inside covers.  I'm pretty sure there will be lots of ideas out there for that!



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    I forgot to add, as a sidelight, that I mounted a Garmin GPS unit on a car dashboard the same way. Velcro specifically cautions against using it to hold dashboard items, but it worked for me!