Different.  That is what sparked the idea for this Instructable.  I wanted business cards that married Digital to Analog.  I wanted something I could create myself, and that could be different every time.  I wanted something that would cause people to be interested in it.  I wanted to make something in front of people.

Necessary materials:
An instant camera (I used a Fuji mini 50s)
Film for the instant camera (Instax)
Transparencies (overhead projector type)
Possibly a computer and printer, or some artistic skill to draw/write on the transparency
Super glue

I chose to create business cards with this process.  What you do, is limited by your imagination.  Decide what you want in your picture.  I'm going to assume you are interested in making your own business card.

Step 1: Create your business card.

Picture of Create your business card.
I chose to use a template that came with Apple Pages.  
fisch2 years ago
This is a brilliant idea. I just picked up five packs of Instax film from a secondhand shop, for NZ$3, So I think I may give this a go.
dmueth3 years ago
would changing the text color have an effect?
wn7ant (author)  dmueth3 years ago
Yup. The text color should match whatever you make it. I tried it with red and it worked.
poldengarm3 years ago
We love it and featured you in the Octobre-edtion of our photography web-magazine: http://didyousayeager.com/magazine/en/201110/article/business/instant-film-businesscard

All the best,

Petra Oldengarm
platform for inspiring photo series

wn7ant (author)  poldengarm3 years ago
I discovered this today and wanted to say thank you.
Kiteman4 years ago

Whatever you print on the transparency casts a shadow onto your photo...

You could mount the negatives in slides and hand them out as business cards!

wn7ant (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Using Instax or Polaroid instant film doesn't create a negative. However if you we're to use a 120 camera (like a Holga or Diana) you could create your shadow image (on the transparency) and take a pictuer. Then you'd have to process the negatives, and send your business card to the person wanting it. By using instant film, you eliminate a process (creating negatives) and you have something to hand them immediately.