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Introduction: Instint Mint Coffee...

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Want minty coffee? Want it right Now?

Look no further than this authenticated, medicated, confabulated coffee cure...

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need.

- A cup
- A spooning device
- A kettle

- Coffee, it can be instant or brewed it makes little odds
- Kendal mint cake
- White sugar (optional but recommended)

Step 2: Get the Cup, Add the Mint Cake.

So take the cup and a few small Chunks of mint cake, it's quite a strong flavourant.

Crush the chunks up with the spoon.

If you use brown sugar mint cake it'll be alot more bitter but very minty.

Even with white mint cake you'll have to sweeten.

Step 3: Add Coffee.

Add your coffee, either add instant and add water as normal or add your real coffee now.

Stir well, add milk to taste, have a taste and sweeten as necessary.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Mintage

Enjoy your minty coffee.

My personal recipe for the mint coffee is:

One sugarcube sized chunk of mintcake
Two spoons of raw cane sugar
Double strong coffee
Dash of milk

I like my coffee sweet and strong though, play with it, it's far tastier than store bought mint coffee blends, even better than Boaters...



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    I'm Canadian and have never heard of a mint cake before but it sounds deliciously minty. I use a drop or two of mint extract and it does the trick for me. Also, I love the spelling nazis who commented about the spelling of 'Instant'. It's supposed to be a combination of 'instant' and 'mint.'

    2 replies

    I'm strict on grammar, and we're big Doctor Who fans, so they call me a grammar Dalek.

    I couldn't believe the number of people that didn't see the instint mint connection... Ah not a bad replacement, I've taken to adding vanilla to my coffee in the same way and it's nice...

    I'm guessing that most of the people who HAVEN'T heard of Kendal Mint Cake are 1. Not British 2. Not climbers or 3. Not British OR Climbers. Kendal mint cake is basically sugar and peppermint oil made into a large rectangle of confectionary. As such it's incredibly minty and sweet and is good for tired walkers / climbers / mountaineers who need an extra energy boost. Myself I'd probably go with a sweetner and a drop of peppermint oil - but then I AM diabetic.

    I really wish the word 'instant' was spelled right...

    3 replies

    So do i, I can't get my eyes off it......

    this is a really good idea, but I've never heard of kendall mint cakes

    9 replies

    you could use a tiny drop of pure peppermint oil, for the actual stuff you can buy it in scout shops and the like, also online...

    most grocery stores sell peppermint oil.

    You'd be talking tiny amounts for one cup, this stuff provides a handy alternative to difficult measuring, since it gives a better sweet/bitter balance without constant playing around... It can also be dissolved in vodka to make a less lethal creme de menthe... *friend, she can't hcak the real stuff but loves mints, she bought me a bottle, on her bday I made it, tasty as hell, best with proper vodka...

    I have a small bottle of mint alcohol, its just pure mint oil extracted into vodka. This stuff burns your mouth if you were to eat a drop plain. its crazy stuff. I'll be posting an ible on wild mint chew. its good stuff and freshens your breath like none other. :P

    It's likely to be crème de menthe or similar, which is pretty murderous but you wake up with a hangover but no morning breath...

    well, the ingreidients are alcohol, pure peperment extract, and water

    Aye super cheap version of creme de menthe, goes through ya just the same... For drinking it, I'd suggest you chill it in the freezer, it makes it way nicer...

    Oh ok. I tried to drink it one time, but i just couldn't take it. way too strong. Maybe you could use this stuff in making your mint cakes, this would prolly give it the extreme mintiness.

    I've never thought about putting mint cake in my coffee, i'll have to try it. I love kendal mint cake and I always buy it when I go to the lake district. Its the ultimate energy source when I go on a hike. Pure sugary goodness :D

    1 reply

    Ha, just wait until I've got some bits and pieces I need to buy, you'll be over the moon with the next thing...