I wanted to make an easy to make, easy to play game that other kids would be able to make. I made this version of it as a travel size, but you can make it a bigger size if you want.  I got a broken jewelry box at Michaels for a dollar, but you can just make one if you want. I took off the top of it. Also I used small rubber bands and stretched them all the way across two inches from the end of the of the jewelry box

Tools: a wooden box about 8inches long 5inches wide, 10,1/4 x 20 nuts, two rubber bands, one piece of MDF, a wooden dowel rod, drill, scroll saw, felt pads, wood glue, fine grit sand paper, black spray paint, orange paint, yellow paint. an xacto knife.

Step 1: Design

Design the court on a piece of paper.
Could you add either a video of gameplay, or more in depth rules? It seems like a good game except I don't fully understand it.
I remember a game lke this but it had 1 more wall on each side with 2 slots .So it was set with 3 walls 2 outside walls had 2 holes and the center had 1 . I cant think of how it was played or the name. I used to play it at camp when i wa slike 8=9 years old:((
This was in the game "Beyond Good & Evil". Nice game :D
nice concept. keep up the good work!<br><br><br>-Gm
It's like the game Fastrack! Is that where you got the idea from?
Yes but you use nuts and it is smaller
Cool game, and nice construction.<br><br>Just a clarification: it looks like all the nuts are the same, so when you say &quot;get all your nuts onto the other side of the court&quot; do you mean that each player starts with an equal number of nuts, and the idea is to be the first to have no nuts on your side?
And get all of yours on to the other side first
yes each person should start with an equal amount of nuts
This is an extraordinarily creative &quot;first project&quot; - keep up the good work.
great instructable, cool project, sounds very easy to make, thanks for sharing ;)
That is awesome! It's smaller than I thought when I first looked at it!

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