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Introduction: Instructable Egg New Life

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Hello guys, as you know, egg are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime. Although eggs, in general, were a traditional symbol of fertility and rebirth in Christianity. In Christian, Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection. So, for celebrate the blessed easter, I want to make Instructable's Egg cause I love the yellow robot of Instructable. It's so cuteee!! I really love it! So, here we go!!

Step 1: The Materials

So, these are the materials that you need:

1. Egg

2. White watercolor paint (we can use Acrylic Paint)

3. Small paintbrush

4. Glue

5. Paper

6. Tissue

7. Printer machine

Step 2: Pierce the Egg

You must be carefully to pierce the egg with a needle because egg is very easy to fragile. After that, pour the egg's content to a small bowl. To make easier, you can blow the egg, so the egg's content can get out easier.

Step 3: Separate the Egg's White

The egg's white can use for sticking the paper in the next step. Why we use the egg's white?? Because the egg's white is easier to sticking & sublimate the paper.

Step 4: Wash the Egg

Wash the egg to make it clean for ease to paint.

Step 5: Paint It

Paint it with white color paint until it become white's egg. You can use white acrylic paint.

Step 6: Dry It

Dry it until 2-3 hours. While you waiting dry it you can do it the next step.

Step 7: Print the Instructables Picture

This is the difficult step. From the Instructales picture size you can make it yourself. Wait... Before you print it you need to prepare paper and tissue such as the image and video (I find this video in youtube) above. And then print it...

Step 8: Sticking the Insructable Paper

In the image above, there is a print result. First, apply the glue or egg's white to egg surface. Next, sticking the Instructable paper to the egg. After that, dry it untill 1 hours.

Step 9: Color It to White

If the image Instructable had tacked, giving white color around the image to get a good result.

Step 10: Done

It finished, now you have Instructable egg. For make this Instructable egg, I hope Instructable program get a new life and for the future this program can more success and get a many devotees. Don't forget if you like this please vote me in Egg Contest 2016. THANK YOU SO MUCH...



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    Yes... It work. Anyway If you like this Instructables, can you give me vote and like in Egg Contest 2016??

    I did vote for you and I will ,like it

    thank you. You are so kind

    Because... I like yellow robot in Instructables. So I apply the Instructable robot picture to the egg. Anyway... If you like this Instructables, Can you give me vote and like in Egg Contest 2016??

    Thank Youu :-) please vote me in Egg Contest 2016

    Wooo~ 素晴らしいです!! どのようにすることができます!非常に美しいです!!!! GANBATTE NE! I love ur creativity... where I can find Acrylic paint? Is it hard to find?

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    I LOVE YOU BABE CALL ME.........................$$$$$$$$$$$ 660-242-2331

    Nice Instructable egg, so cute & adorable. It suits for decorate my room

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    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dieser Kreativität! Ich unterstütze sie !

    Wooo~ 素晴らしいです!! どのようにすることができます!非常に美しいです!!!! GANBATTE NE! I love ur creativity... where I can find Acrylic paint? Is it hard to find?

    Hey... I like your Instructable. And then your materials so easy to find in my country. I hope you win. :)

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    Thank you for follow me...

    Hey.... If you like this. Please vote me... Thank You :-)