Instructable Robot USB Drive





Introduction: Instructable Robot USB Drive

No one else has ever done this so I thought I would (grin)

This is a Instructables robot USB drive (16 Gig) drive
I thought I would combine 2 favorite techs things together into one device

Step 1: Making the IRobot (Instructable Robot)

One of the things my "prize pack" netted me for winning one of the contests was a Instructable robot
Cloth patch - I used this as the base for my iRobot Drive.

I took the patch, and cut out the robot figure, making sure the drive would fit in behind the robot.

Step 2: Fitting in the Drive

I decided that the robot head would be the cap of the drive.
So i made a USB cap out of the top of a sharpie marker, and hot glued the head onto the marker.

Step 3: Building the Robot

using hot glue I glued the body to the USB drive, making sure not to drip any hot glue on the inside
of the drive.

Step 4: More Body Work

More pictures of me adding hot glue, and building up the head (I used a sharpie pen cap)
and fashioned the head using the cut cap, and then gluing the robot's head onto the cap

Step 5: Finishing the Robot

Here are some pictures of the head mounted on the cap.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Here is the Finished pictures.

If I had better electronic skills, I would embed three lights into the robots chest to show
transfer activity, maybe someone will take this idea and improve on it!



Step 7: More Pictures - Complete

I added fabric to the rest of the USB drive



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    thats so cool, except i don't want to cut my patch so ill use a sticker on hard carboard!

    If your name is "Jonathan", who is the model wearing the robot drive?

    2 replies

    A co-worker, It pays to work with hot geek girls!



    totally... whats her phone number lol

    OMG! I have a left hand just like that!  I'm just kidding and I LOVE your 'ible, but actually it does look like my hand... oh dear.


    That's very nice of you to say, but It's not ready for prime time (just yet)
    Why not make your own! (After all this IS instructables!)