Instructable Robot Etched Onto ASUS EeePC


Introduction: Instructable Robot Etched Onto ASUS EeePC

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ASUS sent instructables a EeePC to play around with for a few months. We thought it would be nice to send it back to them with a little love etched into it.

I went though a few different versions of the robot/instructable logo, before I opted on one I liked, and then adjusted the size to fit the laptop.

When sizing to the laptop, I made the image a little too wide to fit, this ensured the image bled all the way off the sides, giving the whole thing a pretty cool look.

I set the Laser Etcher to 100% speed and 40% power. If I could do it again, I would take the shading off the upper part of the robots legs, as it kind of bled into the background. Overall though, I'm very happy with the end product, and will enjoy calling it mine...

...until we have to send it back to ASUS.

You can find the .eps files following this link.



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    So you can etch a logo into a plastic laptop! I thought that was for fancy aluminum macbooks only. *looks at laptop cover menacingly*

    Sorry for the slow reply. That was the 1000. They've since took back their slightly modified laptop, so I've had to upgrade to the 1000HE.

    So what do you think of the EeePC, honestly? I know it's not a gaming machine, would it cut it as a "work" notebook? Wordprocessing, spreadsheets, internet access - how does it compare to a "normal" laptop?

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    Actually, I have to say I'm quite impressed. The keyboard is just a little smaller then full size, but after typing for about thirty minutes I got used to it, and I have somewhat large hands (I'm six and a half feet tall, so this laptop looks very small when I'm holding it). I've been taking it to school and work daily for the past month and it's been working great. The one problem I have with it, the right shift key is small, and has a awkward placement. I've opted to just stop using the right shift key for most of what I do. Other then that though, no real problems. Also, depending on what you want to do, remember there's no CD drive in it. I had a bunch lying around though, and bought a sata cable to just connect any internal drive externally.

    Just because your tall it dosent mean its gonna look small compaired to you. I dont like the small hdd i wanted one first but then i went for the acer aspire netbook because it was my favorite one on the market and i couldent find a msi wind. Also ur tall XD. Anyways i am sorta in the middle for hight and mine looks huge, anyways there only good when you put in a bigger faster ssd or a hdd. The eepc is great.

    I have honestly found the abilities of the ASUS Eee PC to be up to par with my girlfriend's $1000+ Dell laptop with similar specs in it. I can even run Guild Wars on it without too much hassle.

    I have an asus eee pc in white and want to know if the etching would still work? is it the same on the eee pc 900?

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    The etching will work on any laptop. The image size is currently set to ten inches from side to side, so if your computer is smaller or larger, you'll just need to resize the image. It was made in illustrator though, so the quality will stay nice.

    It's a five hundred dollar laptop that we burned a permenant image into... ...I think they'll care. The question is will they be mad.