Introduction: Instructable-ception

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This is an Instructable about instructables on how to make instrutables  

Step 1: What'ya Need

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 Once upon a time, there was a computer, mouse and a keyboard and
they wished to be lodged on to the instructable website.

Step 2: Please Enter Username and Password

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 But the Instructables website would not allow them to make an
instructable unless they log on or joined up.

Step 3: Brain Fart, Oh Wait I Mean Storm

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 The Instructable maker had one thing missing before he/she made
his/her instructable on an idea he/she was going to explain.

Step 4: Documentary My Dear Watson.

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The instructable maker got an idea in which he/she would explain
but he/she  felt like he/she was about to forget something, then a little
voice in his/her head said "To be a Great Instructable Maker, document everything".

Step 5: Coming to the Finale Stretch

 Once the instuctable maker finished the making of his/her idea for
his/her instructable and documenting it. He/She was ready to take
on the Beast.

Step 6: Summarize

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 The Beast or should i say the Instructable website's guide line for an
instructable was sitting there ready for them. The instructable maker, gave
each step a title and explain how to make and/or use his/her idea with
the help of photo's and/or video'sthat they had documented for this idea,
in order from start to finished. 

Step 7: D-day

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Once the instructable guide line laid there filled out for that instructable,
the instructable maker saved and published it. And thats when the instructable
maker realized there was a greater beast, the Viewers.


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