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Leopardjoy16 (author)2014-07-08

Really pretty!

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)2014-04-16

This is a beautiful project and I congratulate you on your win :D. I am sorry for commenting so late.

faiza007 (author)2014-04-01

keep up the good work..! :)

faiza007 (author)2014-04-01

congratulations :)

Spyridoula Nemesis (author)2014-04-01

Great job and congratulations on your win! That is so awesome.

786Ayesha (author)2014-04-01

Congrats on your win! cheer up there will be another chance for the explorer.My niece was also dying for this .it's such a lovely gift

just the God (author)2014-04-01

was very nice.perfect

cakesprite (author)2014-03-30

What a lovely design! I don't have birds, but I do keep sugar gliders. I might try to adapt it to a big glider cage :D

antoniraj (author)2014-03-29

Congratulations... you are a finalist

Yte (author)2014-03-29

Count on me for another for another vote! Great work here. The amount of foreword thinking required for this project is so high that I hope you win

Jan Scere (author)2014-03-25

Hope I voted I am trying!!! The piece is beautiful!!!

roshenac (author)2014-03-25

This is cool :) I just voted , good luck!

M.Hawse (author)2014-03-23

I voted!

kahht (author)2014-03-22

Good luck!

Random23 (author)2014-03-21

beautiful. Very nicely done.

Know More Things (author)2014-03-21

yes i did it already...

jack1986 (author)2014-03-21

Good job!

HUKBMBEAR (author)2014-03-21

Great look, very trick and takes a lot of time - I know , my wife does the cards and spends ages getting the layout wright before attaching it all together.

struth novo (author)2014-03-21

Wow very nice you won my vote

savorthefood (author)2014-03-21

This is just amazing. Very delectable art work Chris. You got my vote.

gunnyboy (author)2014-03-21

Voted for ya by the way... Good luck!

gunnyboy (author)2014-03-21

Very nicely done. Good, clean paper crafting.

kahht (author)2014-03-21

Lovely! So intricate. I rarely have the patience to spend such time on cards, but it's definitely worth it. I want to give this a try.

Know More Things (author)2014-03-21

already done..

Rifath (author)2014-03-21


Know More Things (author)2014-03-21

nice art it very much .....

muneera52 (author)2014-03-04

it's realy pretty!!! its refreshing to see this nice piece of work!!

sunshiine (author)2014-02-27

We have all been there! Your doing great; I see you have already been featured several times, that is an awesome start! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!


sunshiine (author)2014-02-25

So pretty, thanks for sharing your hard work!


desertsniper (author)2014-02-23

Hi there! Thanks for the vote! Great projects! I returned the favor. Cheers!

antoniraj (author)2014-02-23

Beautifully done

Scrappy Vee (author)2014-02-21

Very pretty. Gotta love the 'Imagine'.

bagnitsch (author)2014-02-17

Pretty neat.

HMarieC (author)2014-02-17

awesome work and great instructions!! I think you have a winner here ! <3

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