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Step 1:

<p>Really pretty!</p>
<p>This is a beautiful project and I congratulate you on your win :D. I am sorry for commenting so late.</p>
<p>congratulations :)</p>
<p>Great job and congratulations on your win! That is so awesome. </p>
<p>Congrats on your win! cheer up there will be another chance for the explorer.My niece was also dying for this .it's such a lovely gift</p>
<p>What a lovely design! I don't have birds, but I do keep sugar gliders. I might try to adapt it to a big glider cage :D</p>
<p>Congratulations... you are a finalist</p>
Count on me for another for another vote! Great work here. The amount of foreword thinking required for this project is so high that I hope you win
<p>Hope I voted I am trying!!! The piece is beautiful!!!</p>
<p>This is cool :) I just voted , good luck!</p>
<p>I voted!</p>
<p>beautiful. Very nicely done. </p>
<p>Good job!</p>
<p>Great look, very trick and takes a lot of time - I know , my wife does the cards and spends ages getting the layout wright before attaching it all together.</p>
Wow very nice you won my vote
This is just amazing. Very delectable art work Chris. You got my vote.
Voted for ya by the way... Good luck!
Very nicely done. Good, clean paper crafting.
<p>Lovely! So intricate. I rarely have the patience to spend such time on cards, but it's definitely worth it. I want to give this a try.</p>
<p>nice art ....like it very much .....</p>
<p>it's realy pretty!!! its refreshing to see this nice piece of work!!</p>
<p>So pretty, thanks for sharing your hard work!</p><p>sunshiine</p>
Hi there! Thanks for the vote! Great projects! I returned the favor. Cheers!
<p>Beautifully done</p>
<p>Very pretty. Gotta love the 'Imagine'.</p>
<p>Pretty neat.</p>
<p>awesome work and great instructions!! I think you have a winner here ! &lt;3</p>

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