Step 2: Trace the Robot on Plastic

 Use a black sharpie to trace your image onto a piece of #6 recyclable plastic.  I used the top from a salad container.
Note: I added a round loop to the top of my robot and made two, so I could make a pair of earrings.  

<p>sweet use of polystyrene.</p>
<strong>So cool - can't wait to try this!</strong>
Like masterochicken, they remind me of the Shrinky Dinks from a few years ago (like ten).&nbsp; Same exact process. Same exact result. <br /> <br /> I might have to do this for old time sake.<br />
I&nbsp;never would have thought of doing this! They turned out awesome :D&nbsp;
Sweet. Shrinky Dinks!!!!!<br />

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