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Then I decided go to TechShop and try to repair this vintage (30 years old) dirt compactor.
Have you ever operated a Jumping Jack before? I've run a few Jumping Jacks. There is a bit of a knack to getting on with them. Yours looks pretty rough. That shoulder you've pictured looks pretty rough too. It is too wet.<br> <br> Pro tips: Spread some dry material on top of that mud before you try to tamp it. It'll keep the foot from getting mud caked, and the JJ will pump water up out of the ground to wet it anyways. Oh, and keep moving with it. Bad things happen when you try to stay in one place. You can always go back around, but keep moving forward. If your JJ starts to growl at you and pogo up and down. throttle down, move forward, and throttle back up.<br> <br> Other than that it is just like trying to ride a motorcycle with no wheels from behind it. heh
Thanks, great advise :) You are Pro :)
I was in the union commercial construction. My name doesn't end in a vowel though so I'd get the &quot;tough&quot; jobs, hence my expertise with Jumping Jacks :) They're not so bad once you come to an understanding with them.<br> <br> I guess the secret to running Jumping Jacks is when they go haywire don't try to fight it back under control, just throttle it down, then run it back up and it should straighten out for you. Like taking the wind out of its sails a little.<br> <br> The other general rule I figured out is the harder the surface you're on the lighter you have to tamp it. That is why you have to keep moving forward. It doesn't take too many tamps sometimes before the ground is too hard for your throttle setting. Then the craziness starts!
Nice tots :)<br>

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