video Instructables Chatroom Basics
A quick 30 second video showing you how to get voice and change your nickname in the chatroom.

The Instructables Chatroom is here

Or if you are more experienced with IRC:
  • #instructables
  • irc.freenode.net

Thanks for watching, See you in the chatroom !!

(these commands will work on any irc chatroom)

Your video doesn't seem to be working! Please update the video and respond to this comment when you are done!

Community Support Manager
MR JAMES4 years ago
Oh noes! You forgot to add the 2-second logo at the beginning!
=SMART= (author)  Radioactive_Legos6 years ago
:O NNNNOOOOOOOO Thanks for telling me !
wow and you got accepted in the contest without the logo!
=SMART= (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
amakerguy6 years ago
did you know that you can link to the chatroom directly and have #instructables already typed in the channel? http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=instructables

Or use embed code and embed it in a forum or instructable:

<iframe src="http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=instructables" width="647" height="400"></iframe>
=SMART= (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
The #instructables was really for people using clients, but thanks for the link. You like the video ?
I have Chatzilla on "autopilot and it was fairly easy to set up (using the save buttons ;-)
how do you put it on autopilot? I use chatzilla too
Well, what I mean is that I have done all the preliminaries to get in, and then I saved my settings :-) Now it signs me in when I open Chatzilla
oh ok cool
yeah its nice! how do you make your text animations like that?
=SMART= (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
A program called Livetype
oh darn its only for mac :'(