Picture of Instructables Domo Pizza
Artistic pizzas, not artisan pizzas. Ways to shape and decorate your pizza with your favorite characters or toppings, or in this case, whatever was on hand.

Fresh ingredients should be well, fresh. If not, don't worry. Making pizza is like cleaning out the leftovers from the fridge.

Oh, and Ro-Domo and Nacho-Domo were there. Also, the Instructables Robot and Hello Kitty.

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Step 1: Grocery list

Picture of Grocery list
Pizza is usually,

dough - can be fresh or store-bought

pizza sauce - can be fresh or from a can or jar
I don't have pictures but the sauce was leftover fresh sauce -
boil up a jar of canned tomatoes(San Marzano, Italy region are the best), a scoop of tomato paste if you have, garlic, a spoonful of sugar if needed to reduce the acid, salt, pepper, onions, spices, etc.

cheese - usually mozzarella but can be any kind you like

toppings - anything edible
I had some onions, a piece of tomato, sausage, and mushrooms to use.

and you need one Fn hot oven to bake your pizza - you could have a baking stone but I just baked mine on a greased cookie pan.

CAUTION: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

cheese :D
mary candy4 years ago
It is so funny...
Kryptonite4 years ago
That's awesome, but where's the Kite-pizza?
caitlinsdad (author)  Kryptonite4 years ago
I believe the world's cheese reserves do not contain the amount needed to recreate His Cheesiness.
Incoming cheesy joke! Oops too late.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kryptonite4 years ago
Have some go along with that whine.
caitlinsdad (author)  zascecs4 years ago
Do it! Do it! Wendsleydale, crumbly old!
Ooh, noo, I can't stand the stuff!
NachoMahma4 years ago
. Nacho-Domo rulez!
Zion_Sphere4 years ago
This is so cute, you could give these out as alternatives to candy at halloween, scar those kids straight! Really like these :)